Best Laid Plans of Brides & Grooms

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The best advice I ever got on planning my wedding was this: Something WILL go wrong. When it does, laugh. Then keep practicing this reaction, say, for the next 50 years. No, really.

In order to get to the laughter point, though, the BBB recommends thoroughly prepping for your big day.

How to Pay?
One good option is to pay with a credit card rather than cash or check. (This includes deposits.) Credit cards offer protection in the event of a problem, because your card company will usually file a chargeback and investigate within 60 days of receiving your statement, even if you have already paid.

Make sure you set a budget early on and stick to it! Do not be too shy to ask for references. Call these former clients to find out if they were satisfied.

Do not fall for high-pressure sales tactics. If you don’t want something, don’t buy it.  

Contracts & Deposits
Remember that all written contracts should include specific dates, products, prices, and name brands, and be signed by everyone involved. Cancellation policies, refunds and deposit returns should be included in the contracts. If these items are not already addressed in the contract, insist that they be added before you sign.

Deposits are often non-refundable, so try to keep them as small as possible in case you have to cancel or change plans. Do anticipate that you may encounter problems. Allow for delays. Don’t have everything delivered the day before the wedding, because if a problem does occur, it will be too late to correct it.

And remember, you can check a company’s reliability before you buy products or services by going online to Start with Trust.

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