When Customer Service is Absent

customer angry 150x150 When Customer Service is AbsentA friend recently posted on Facebook that she would no longer shop at a local grocery store after routinely being snubbed by cashiers. No greetings, no apology when an item was rung up incorrectly, not even a thank you for shopping that day.

Fed up, my friend is taking her business elsewhere.

I suggested she tell the manager why she won’t be returning. “Would he really care?” she asked.

If he’s at all concerned about his store’s bottom line, he should definitely care. Today’s marketplace is all about relationships. And good customer service – being greeted, being helped, making things right – is part of that equation.

How do you handle poor customer service?

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Luanne Kadlub, communications specialist for BBB Serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming, has been a writer/editor for newspapers, magazines and nonprofits.