Trial Offers

free sign 150x150 Trial OffersThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently brought charges against Jesse Willms and 10 companies he was running – they were using trial offers.  I think we’ve all seen a trial offer by now – they’ve become quite common place.

You want to try a product and the website says you have to sign up for a trial offer – which could last seven days or two weeks.  You think to yourself that you’ll remember to cancel after you get the product – but forget or can’t get through to the company to cancel.  Unfortunately, some companies don’t have the trial offer language prominent, so customers suddenly get charged monthly fees for something they really didn’t want.

Here at the Better Business Bureau, we get hundreds of complaints each year from consumers who didn’t know they had signed up for a trial offer, that the product wasn’t received before the trial offer was over or that the product was never received.

Consumers need to determine if they are willing to risk charges to their credit card by trying a trial offer.  If you aren’t sure – don’t do it!

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Jane has been president of the Better Business Bureau in Utah since 2002. Prior to moving to Utah she was president of the BBB serving Minnesota and North Dakota.