Gas Saving Devices Disappoint says Carol

Woman Pumping Gas Gas Saving Devices Disappoint says CarolGetting ready for that summer road trip? Have you looked at the budget and been taken back by the estimated gas costs for the trip?

Don’t look at devices to increase your gas mileage. Popular Mechanics and Consumer Reports have done tests and found the devices do not do what they claim.

Sid Kirchheimer, in his article More MPG, Please published in the June AARP Bulletin, says to go back to the basics and follow your owner’s manual to properly maintain your car and avoid those jackrabbit starts. Other common-sense tips are found at

Kirchheimer mentions the following gadgets that were tested and failed:

  • Fuel-line magnets. They are advertised to break up clumped fuel molecules — except gasoline molecules don’t clump.
  • Engine ionizers. Clip these to spark plugs and increase combustion efficiency. Tests show increased combustion decreases powers — and can “trigger an engine fire.”
  • Vortex generators. This gadget mixes fuel with air. The result is it reduces air flowing into the manifold, reducing power.
  • Vapor injectors. They claim to convert raw fuel to vapor outside the engine. Engine computers prevent this from happening.
  • Water injectors. This technology worked for emergency power in World War II planes, not in automobiles today.
  • Plug into a cigarette lighter devise. It is suppose to smooth out noise in electrical systems and increase mileage. No proof it will work.

All these devices listed and information about them came from Kirchheimer’s article. Read more of his article by going to He could save you some money — maybe $50 to $250.

Before you pack your bags and car, do the maintenance on the car and check the tires for wear and proper amount of air.

Have fun!

Have you seen any “too good to be true” fuel savers advertised?

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