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Think Beyond the Burger at the Company Picnic

Our annual company picnic is an important event. It helps ease the adult burden of working summers while the kids are playing. More importantly, it’s a strong motivator for employees: a fun reward for their service.

A relaxing day in the park on the company’s dime increases group cohesiveness and loyalty. The successful company picnic inspires your staff to say, “I love working here.”

Arranging an atmosphere that welcomes everyone ensures that everyone has a great time, creates wonderful memories, and leaves your workers with a renewed commitment to the team. How do you achieve inclusion?

Encourage families to attend. Your office manager may love every single one of you, but she loves her husband and kids, too. Welcome them into your family by creating a family atmosphere for the picnic. Don’t be stingy in your definition of family, either. Grandparents, domestic partners, and roommates may be the real families of your employees.

Make accessibility a priority. The picnic location should be easy for everyone to reach, and providing group transportation is really helpful. Determining in advance whether anyone in attendance is allergic to bees or requires wheelchair access helps prevent problems before they start.

Provide something for every palate. Burgers and buns are traditional, but what about folks who don’t eat meat or bread? Grilled mushrooms and veggie burgers helps vegans and vegetarians feel welcome. Extra lettuce allows those who go gluten-free or adhere to a primal or low-carb diet to eat without making a mess. Lots of side dishes and dessert ensure that everyone gets something to eat. Ask about dietary restrictions in advance.

Drink responsibly. If you choose to serve alcohol, make sure that there are also plenty of non-alcoholic beverages for those who do not imbibe. Games aplenty. A nice range of activities should allow everyone to participate. Active games for kids, trivia games for those who don’t want to get out of their chairs, and everything in between helps make your picnic a success.

For, the company picnic is a cherished yearly tradition because we make it fun for everyone. It’s not to late to start planning your own. Looking for more tips and guidelines? Click to read more about throwing the best company picnic ever.

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