Your Package Has Arrived!

shipping box 150x150 Your Package Has Arrived!Have you ever received an email stating your package has arrived, yet you never ordered anything, and you weren’t expecting anything?  Typically these types of emails find themselves into inboxes around the holidays, offering tracking information on packages; however the bottom line is the same:  it’s a phishing email.

Phishing is a term used when someone is attempting to steal personal information such as credit card details, passwords, or social security numbers through an electronic communication.

Your BBB advises consumer to never click on any links or open any attachments to emails until you have confirmed that they are not malicious. Email addresses that don’t match up, typos and grammatical mistakes are common red flags of a malicious phishing email. Also beware of unsolicited emails from companies with which you have no association.  Make sure you have current antivirus software and that all security patches have been installed on the computer.

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