After Grand Opening, Beeftown USA Disappears

Consumers hoping to take advantage of Beeftown USA’s deal to get “150 lbs of beef for 3 easy payments of $49.95,” as advertised in the local Reach Magazine and the Dayton Daily News last February, may be out of luck. The company appears to have left the Cincinnati and Dayton area. The Beeftown USA locations at 763 Reading Rd, in Mason and 480 E Main St, in Wilmington are now closed.

The sudden disappearance of Beeftown USA is only one of the many lingering mysteries surrounding the business. BBB contacted them about their advertising, specifically requesting that the business provide evidence that customers would receive a $20 Gas coupon, 10 ribeye steaks or 10 prime rib cuts, 40 sirloin steaks and 50lbs of bonus meat, all for free.

Some consumers alleged that the company charged them more than expected and that the business’s pricing model was confusing. We’ve also received reports from customers saying they were unable to simply pay for the beef in cash. In other words, Beeftown USA wouldn’t sell them anything unless customers agreed to establish credit.

We asked the company to explain their pricing model and disclose their financing terms, but we haven’t received any reply. The phone for their Wilmington location is disconnected and the voice mailbox for their Reading Rd location is full and will not accept new messages.

If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Beeftown USA or if you would like to tell us about your personal experience with the company, please let us know. We would be happy to hear from you. We also have helpful tips if you are interested in learning more about buying bulk meats.

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