Scam Alerts for Traveling Abroad says Carol

luggage1 150x150 Scam Alerts for Traveling Abroad says Carol

So many people I talk to are planning trips abroad. If you are thinking about doing the same, read the following tips.

You will be amazed at the ingenuity involved in some of the scams.

Notice how the con artists try to catch you off-guard.

* Family member call scam. You receive a call in your hotel room prompting you to call a specific number to get details about a family member in distress. Unknowingly, you call the Caribbean or Africa. Subsequently, your phone bill will reflect a charge of possibly hundreds of dollars.
* Diverting your attention scams. The thieves could spill ice cream on your shoes and/or squirt mustard, ketchup or water on you. They “help” you clean up and at the same time another thief will snatch your handbag, wallet or suitcase. They may also bump you and at the same time pick your pocket. Keep your wallet close to you and hang onto your purse.
* Police uniform con. Crooks in police uniforms approach you and show a phony badge. Next, they request to see your wallet for identification or to check the wallet for counterfeit money. If you hand over your wallet, it is gone forever!
* Fellow traveling victim. This “victim” approaches you and says he has just been robbed and needs money to eat, travel and get another passport. Don’t be pulled in and give the con artist money.
* “Your tire is flat” scam. The vehicle pulls alongside you and points at your tire. Resist the temptation to pull over until you are in a safe place. Otherwise, you may be robbed. The criminals could jump out with guns and take your valuables.
* Credit card rip offs. They happen abroad just like in the United States. Refrain from using your debit card abroad. Remember that the federal law says you can only be held liable for $50 of fraudulent charges on your credit card. The same is not true for a debit card. Your liability could be up to $500; plus it could take up to 10 days or more for the bank to refund the remaining amount of your money.

For more detailed information about travel scams in foreign countries, read the article Travel Scams at It could save you some “coins.”

Experienced any scams while you were traveling abroad? Be sure to share.

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