Beware Of Online IQ Tests

computer 300x198 Beware Of Online IQ Tests You think you’re smart? That is the challenge of the latest IQ test, to see if you as a consumer are smart enough to see if you can spot a scam. IQ tests are very popular online, on facebook and other social media. But if consumers are not careful, they could end up being billed $10 a month for text messages, according KOMO News.

Here’s how it works: The tests are composed of ten questions but on the last question, the IQ test asks for you to enter your cell phone number so you can receive your score or the last question. If you don’t read the fine print, you could be signing up for a renewal subscription.

Never provide your cellphone online because whatever text messages you receive, will be billed to your account. If you receive a link from someone on facebook or twitter to an IQ quiz, it is either a scam or someone has hacked into one of your friends’ twitter accounts in which case, delete the message and change your login details so you can avoid also being hacked.


Read the full article on KOMO News.

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