Another Scam Targets BBB Accredited Businesses

March 08, 2013
Yet another scam has appeared targeting busineses in our area. Watch your emails for this communication which uses the format of the BBB system. It does not come from any Better Business Bureau!

BBB advises that you do not attempt to open the e-mail or click on any of the links or attachments.

The transmission states "Your Accreditation Aborted." If an accreditation is cancelled, we use the term cancelled, not aborted. Secondly, cancellation notification comes through the mail from the Better Business Bureau of South Central Louisiana, not our parent organization in Arlington, VA.

The poorly written e-mail refers to "complains" against an individual or company. Again, any complaint comes from us by mail, and there is no such thing as a "termination report."

The signature is Hayden Gray, Dispute Counselor. There is no such employee and no such title.


Please contact us at: 225-346-5222 if you recieve this scam.
Recipients may forward the e-mail to