BBB: Prepare Homes, Cars For Winter To Save Money, Headaches
Preparing your home and car for cold weather can reduce heating costs, prevent damage and destruction of property or simply save headaches when ice and snow arrive, the Better Business Bureau advises.
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Layaways- Do you know all the facts?
Layaway has become increasingly popular with the challenging economic times. However, putting an item on layaway may result in a loss of money or the item if you don’t read the contract carefully.
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Fighting Cold and Flu Season in the Workplace
Cold and flu season is setting in and the close quarters of the workplace allow coworkers to easily trade germs. Better Business Bureau recommends that business owners take a few simple steps to prevent..
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Protect your Debit Card Number from ATM skimming
ATM skimming is a growing problem. Here are a few easy steps consumers can take to protect themselves from becoming the next victim.
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How to Get a Temporary Job Over the Holidays
Competition for holiday jobs can be fierce. The Better Business Bureau recommends applying early and taking steps to put your best foot forward.
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Finalists Announced for the 6th Annual Maritime Business Ethics Awards
Halifax, NS – The Better Business Bureau of the Maritime Provinces along with presenting sponsor CJM Solutions+ are pleased to announce the finalists for the Maritime Bus..
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Protect Your Identity While Shopping Online
With more Canadians buying goods and services more often on the internet, the Better Business Bureau is offering tips for consumers to stay secure when shopping online.
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Create a Business Succession Plan Before Retirement
While it’s not fun for a business owner to think about the impact their death or a disability would have on the company, it is nevertheless important to create a succession plan sooner rather than later.
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BBB Warns Against Online Ads for Acai Diet Pills and Work from Home Jobs
BBB continues to receive flood of complaints over deceptively expensive “free” trials
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BBB Advises Donors on How to Give Wisely to Pakistan Flood Relief.
BBB Advises Donors on How to Give Wisely to Pakistan Flood Relief. Some Charities Might be Fraudulent, Warns BBB.
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