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Savvy Consumers Used Record Number of BBB Services in 2013
February 26, 2014

Consumers and business turned to the Better Business Bureau Serving the Atlantic Provinces in record numbers in 2013.  Your BBB saw a twelve and a half percentage increase in services provided over 2012.

With over 1,536,000 instances of service, “The BBB is the go-to source for information on how businesses conduct themselves with customers, suppliers and other companies,” said Don MacKinnon, president and CEO of BBB Serving the Atlantic Provinces. ”BBB Business Reviews can help consumers make wise choices in tough times.”

Requests for BBB Business Reviews jumped to 389,982 up 19.5% from 2012. BBB Business Reviews reflect customers’ experience with business over a three-year period. Grades are based on 16 factors, including how long a company has been in business how it handles disputes and whether complaints were addressed properly, among other variables.

Complaints decreased from 1750 to 1484. This decrease could be reflective of consumers taking the time to check out a business review on a company before purchase and making better educated buying decisions overall. Your BBB completed 33 investigations as well as 82 ad reviews.

BBB services are free. Consumers may obtain Business Reviews 24 hours a day by going online to or by calling 877-663-2363 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Counseling services are available from 9am to 3pm, Monday thru Friday.

Following are the top 10 industries that generated the most inquiries & complaints in 2013.

Top Ten Industries for inquiries 2013

1. Roofing Contractors

2. Auto Dealers-New Cars

3. Auto Dealers- Used Cars

4. Appliances-Small-Supplies & Parts

5. Contractors –General

6. Plumbing Contractors

7. Auto Repair & Service

8. Appliance – Major- Service & Repair

9. Construction & Remodeling

10. Movers

Top Ten Industries for Complaints 2013

1. Auto Dealer-New Cars

2. Internet Services

3. Telephone Equipment & Systems Dealers

4. Cellular Telephone Service & Supplies

5. Furniture-Retail

6. Telephone Communications

7. Auto Repair & Service

8. Roofing Contractors

9. Auto Dealers – used Cars

10. Internet Marketing Services