BBB Offers The Following Tips For Selling Valuables

August 17, 2011

Lately, consumers have been inquiring about the many eye catching advertisements, in the newspaper, that offer to purchase gold, coins, jewelry, antiques and collectibles. Traveling buyers will set up in hotels or malls for a short period of time and offer consumers money on the spot for the item.

Before reaching into your jewelry box or polishing the hidden treasure that you found in the attic, the BBB recommends that you do your homework. “Consumers need to take a “seller beware” approach and do their research before getting involved” said Don MacKinnon, President and CEO of the BBB servicing Atlantic Canada. Don’t expect to get rich!

The BBB offers the following tips:

Tips For Selling Valuables


ü Do your research! Check reference books, the internet and local knowledgeable reputable businesses to determine the value of the item.

ü Have it appraised by a certified appraiser.

ü Always take the time to shop around.

ü Know the difference between an appraisal and an offer.

ü Do not be pressured to sell your item on the spot.

ü Ask about the company’s guarantee. Get it in writing.

ü Check the internet to see what other sellers are saying about their experiences with the company.

ü If they are buying gold, do they weigh it and can you see the scales.

ü Check with the BBB for a report on the company.