Top 10 Scams

Top 10 Scams Overview


This year’s top 10 scams list is a good news, bad news affair.

The good news is Canadians lost less money in 2015 than it did in 2014. Just over $81 million was lost in 2015. That compares with $70 million in 2014.

Below is the list of the Top Ten Scams. Please click on the scam for more information.

10. Lending Scam: Advance Fee Loans

9. Emergency Scam: Fake Relative Needs Cash

8. Private Sale Scam: Overpayment

7. Imposter Scam: Spear Phishing

6. Subscription Scam: Free Trial Traps

5. Employment Scam: Secret Shopper

4. Financial Scam: Investment Fraud

3. Prize Scam: Fake Lottery Winnings

2. Heartbreak Scam: Catphishing

1. Extortion Scam: CRA; Phishing emails and threatening phone calls