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Scam Alerts
Next time you shop on eBay, watch out for this scam. Con artists are exploiting a vulnerability in eBay's editing feature to redirect online shoppers to lookalike websites that can steal passwords.  
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Ebola is everywhere on the news and panic is starting to set in. BBB has tips on how to help those in need and how not to get taken by those trying to sell fake cures for Ebola.
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Jimmy Kimmel tops list; BBB and McAfee warn that these celebrities were most used in recent click bait scams.
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Do you own a dental office? Did you receive an invoice from IDBS? Do not pay!
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Hang Up! It's not the IRS calling but if you answer, it may cost you money!
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BBB issues warning to schools and school districts about fake invoices.
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Don't click those nude photos! You'll be sorry in more ways than you know!
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Free “anything” is great, right? Wrong!
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Get rich quick schemes promising high returns in minimal time are not a new phenomenon. But clever scammers are now promoting these "money flipping" scams on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to target a ..
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