BBB Advises: The Good and Bad of Storing Your Receipts Online
E-receipts are becoming more popular, but BBB advises shoppers of the problems that could arise from giving your email address to retailers.
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BBB Warns: Beware of Tax Preparer Fraud
Tax filing season officially opened on January 31 and BBB is warning consumers to beware of a growing crime known as tax preparer fraud.
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BBB Cautions: Beware of “Catfishing” When Dating Online
Ah, romance is in the air....or is it? Something smells fishy!
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BBB Advises: File Income Tax Return Early, Lower Your Risk of Identity Theft
Cases of Tax Identity Theft Continue to Skyrocket
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BBB Warns: Don’t Call Back that Number on your Cell Phone
Answering or Calling Unknown Numbers Can Cost You!
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BBB Partners with FTC and IRS during Tax ID Theft Awareness Week
Here's what you need to know to avoid becoming a victim of Tax Identity Theft.
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Trying To Save Money By Buying Your Medicine Online? Think Twice!
Have you thought about buying your prescriptions online? If so, there are things you need to know to not only protect yourself but your finances too.
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BBB Warns Of Spot Delivery Pitfalls
Looking to take advantage of close out sales? Can't wait to take that new car home? Well, better put the brakes on!
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Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Each year, too many people die from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning during the winter months just trying to stay warm.
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BBB Issues Warnings For Driving On Black Ice
Georgia is bracing for some of the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in years. And with that comes the dangers of black ice.
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