Looking for Playoff Tickets? Scammers Are Looking For You!

September 25, 2013
Going to a playoff game?  Great!  But beware.  Scammers are out to lure you in with fake tickets.  So how do you know the difference between a real and fake ticket? 

Follow these tips to keep your money safe:

Try to buy tickets directly from the venue, promoter or authorized ticket sellers, either online or at the box office.

If you need to buy on the secondary market, try to buy from a reseller authorized by the original ticket seller, the venue or the promoter.  If that isn’t possible, buy from a business or individual you know and trust.  Keep in mind that last-minute tickets will be expensive.

Be especially cautious of buying from strangers on online sites or outside the venue prior to an event.

Pay with a credit card whenever possible in case you need to challenge the charge in the future.

Never wire money or use pre-loaded cards to purchase tickets. Sellers who demand those payment methods usually are trying to steal your money.  Always utilize encrypted payment options.

Examine the tickets closely.  Look for signs the tickets have been copied or otherwise faked.  Some tickets may be made with low-quality paper stock and have smeared print or uneven margins; walk away if tickets obviously look like knock-offs.

Choose reliable and verifiable sellers and resellers; find sites that hold vendors responsible for ticket authenticity. If ticket prices seem much lower than those offered at official outlets, sound the alarm. Be wary of sellers with unusual stories about why tickets are so cheap and don't be afraid to ask follow-up questions.

When buying tickets online, ask for a picture of the ticket and verify it using the venue’s seating chart. Get the seller’s real name and contact information, as well as a receipt for the purchase

Be sure to get the details in writing; this includes price of the tickets and cancellation policies.

Fans should also take into consideration that when purchasing tickets that ticket forgeries could be just the start of a scam. Consumers should be sure not to panic and buy from a business that they don’t know in order to also minimize the chance of becoming a victim of identity theft during the buying process. 

Follow these tips to ensure your playoff ticket is real and let’s get out there and cheer on the Braves!