Health Care Ruling Could Spark Scams, BBB Warns

July 02, 2012

BBB is warning consumers to be on the lookout for scams related to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that upheld the Affordable Care Act. Scams related to the federal health insurance law were reported almost as soon as the act was passed, and they’re likely to surface again.

In 2010, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius notified state attorneys general and insurance commissioners that scammers were knocking on doors to sell phony policies, claiming there was a limited enrollment period and urging consumers to buy quickly. However, it will be two years before expanded coverage is available, and it’s very unlikely that it then would be sold door-to-door.

These types of scams often crop up when there is news of a big change in government policy, whether it’s health insurance or tax credits.  It is despicable to prey on the fears of people by threatening them with a fictitious deadline or implying that they may be required to sign up for something.

Georgia consumers who suspect fraud can contact the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner's at, or 404-656-2070 (Toll Free: 800-656-2298).

BBB has tips for consumers who are approached by door-to-door salespeople or unsolicited emails:
• High-pressure tactics are often a part of fraudulent door-to-door sales and solicitations. Don’t let yourself be hurried, intimidated or coerced.
• If you are interested in buying from a door-to-door seller, get everything in writing, including price, warranty and all conditions. Tell the salesperson you will check over the information and get back to him or her.
• Always ask for proper identification before listening to the pitch.
• Never let a stranger inside your home.
• If you feel threatened, call the police.
• Be skeptical of email offers or pop-up ads touting health insurance.

Legitimate insurance companies aren’t likely to contact you online to sell insurance.

If you have concerns about salespeople who are knocking on your door, calling you on the phone, or sending you e-mail, contact the BBB at 404-766-0875 or by visiting