Scammers Fake Facebook Account Cancellation Notices

May 24, 2012

Facebook users, watch out. A clever scam in the form of a fake account cancellation email is making the rounds, and it's easy to get fooled. Don't let the threat of losing your account trick you into installing malware on your computer.

How the Scam Works:
The scam starts with a suspicious email informing Facebook users that they have a received an "account cancellation request," reports computer security blog Naked Security. Recipients are urged to follow a link to cancel the request.

Here's the clever part. The link appears to be official because it goes to a address. Really, it links to a third-party application just running on the Facebook platform.

If you do click on the link, a message asks you to allow an unknown application to run on your computer. Click the "run" button, and you will see a message telling you to download the new version of Adobe Flash. The file that downloads is not the latest version of Flash, but code allowing hackers to spy on your activities and take control of your computer.

For More Information
For more information and screen shots of the scam, see Naked Security's original article at 

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