BBB Phishing Email Scam Changes Format As We Continue To Stop The Scammers

March 15, 2012

BBB remains the target of phishing email scams and as we close in on them, they change the format.  Copied below are two of the newest email scams hitting the marketplace.  One is allegedly being sent to a BBB representative in regards to a complaint.  However, this email is going to consumers and businesses.

The other email scam alerts companies that their BBB accreditation is being threatened.  And once again, this is being sent to companies and consumers, and many of the companies are not BBB accredited.

Be extremely cautious of any email you receive that has grammatical or spelling errors.  Take a look at the tip information included at the end of this release.  Google how to spot a phishing email scam.  And if you’re ever in doubt of any correspondence coming from BBB, please send it to for verification.

When the good guys are doing good, someone will always try and stop us.  It will not work!!!!  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation until we stop any person misusing the BBB name and logo.

Dear BBB Representative:
In compliance with BBB policy, we have attached a complaint involving a company in your service area and ask that you process it in accordance with your normal procedures.
You may access your documents by clicking on the link below:
Complaint Attachment download ID: 8951713
Click Here to download the file

If clicking on the link does not work, please copy the entire link text (not just the underlined part), and paste it into your browser's window.

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Better Business Bureau <>

Sent: Wednesday, March 7, 2012 7:57 AM
Subject: Your company Better Business Bureau complaint.
 Dear small business owner, we have obtained several complaints about your company alleged participation in job seeker scam. You are asked to respond to this complaint within 14 days. Failure to submit the necessary response will result in downgrading your Better Business Bureau rating and probable termination of your BBB accreditation status.
   Complaint ID #0441468

Council of Better Business Bureaus
3033 Wilson Blvd, Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 1 (703) 276.0100
Fax: 1 (703) 525.8277

Helpful Tips From One Of Our Accredited Businesses:
I would like to recommend telling your users about web browsers like Google Chrome that help to prevent phishing by alerting the user when he/she tries to access a known phishing website.  The known phishing website list is a community driven effort and works very well.  Gmail is the well-known email product from Google, and they have cut almost all spam out of email by doing it the same way.  As a GMail user, one can report a specific email as spam, and when a particular email gets enough hits as spam, they globally block it.  I have used Gmail for over 10 years and must say this works very well.  I obviously also use Chrome, which is very safe to use.