Strange email from StubHub? It's A Scam.

October 27, 2011

Consumers across the country are reporting scam emails that appear to be from ticket company StubHub. The emails try to lure recipients into sharing credit card information by falsely alerting consumers they are being charged for expensive boxing tickets to a match in Nevada. 

StubHub says this scam has been hitting many consumers, some who have a StubHub account and some who don’t.  They are receiving many consumer complaints.  Anyone who has a StubHub account  may be at risk. 

How the scam works:
• The email asks you to login to your StubHub account to confirm the order. 
• DO NOT login.  A computer program may steal your password, giving thieves access to your StubHub account where valid credit card info may be stored.
• Change your account password if you have an account at StubHub right away.  Go directly to the StubHub site to do that, not through the email.
• Send a copy of the email you receive to so StubHub can investigate.
• If you concerned about false credit card charges, go directly to the StubHub website and follow their instructions about how to contact the real business.