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Parkmobile USA, Inc.

Phone: (770) 818-9036Fax: (770) 818-9039

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10 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 8 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues7
Problems with Product / Service3
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints10

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Complaint Resolution Log (10)
05/10/2016Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details


Utilized their Parkmobile Reservation services on 11/19/2015 in Providence, RI for a CPAC performance. Was double billed $17.25 on personal VISA for parking. Have phoned and had email conversations with a number of people at Parkmobile regarding since that date. Support number given to me is #******. Have not received any refund or credit.

Desired Settlement
Looking for a refund of the double billing in the amount of $17.25

Business Response
This customer is absolutely correct, and we apologize for the delay in resolving his issue.
I have identified the duplicate charge associated with this order and have refunded the customer the additional $17.25 and have emailed a receipt.
Thank you for the opportunity to work on this matter and correct the mistake.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Received refund for duplicate charge. Thanks BBB

05/04/2016Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I started a parking session in zone 80012 at 5:17:13pm and ended it at 5:17:53pm.
I was told my the parking attendant at the kiosk to use the machine, not the app. As you can calculate, I had my session for exactly 40 seconds before I canceled.

I paid $20 at the kiosk and put that voucher on my dash.

I emailed for a refund of my $10 and received this lengthy response:

******* (Parkmobile Support)
Apr 15, 8:56 AM

Thank you for your email.

Parkmobile is a separate payment solution for pay-by-phone parking. If you need assistance with a payment you're making (or attempting to make) on site, please contact the parking operator directly. Parkmobile does not operate the area where you park, nor do we maintain pay stations or meters.

In your parking area, parking transactions are scheduled and initiated when you select how much time you'd like to park, agree to the charge, and then start your parking session. Your payments are made in advance and can't be adjusted after starting. (It's the same type of functionality as when you put money in the meter or pay station. Once you make the payment, you have paid for that amount of time and any additional time or money can't be refunded or credited.)

This functionality was chosen by your parking operator or authority, as they have full say over how Parkmobile operates in your area. Your parking payments also go directly to your parking operator and Parkmobile doesn't have the authority or access to refund, cancel, or reverse any charges.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need further assistance. Thanks for using Parkmobile!

Member Services Specialist
Product_Or_Service: parking fee
Order_Number: ****************

Desired Settlement
I would like my $10.35 refunded.

Business Response
We are very sorry to hear about this customer's frustrating experience. I can see the correspondence that she's had with one of my team members. Although it is frustrating, the information my colleague provided is correct. It appears the parking operator in this area cut off parking at a certain time and required event parking rates to be made on site at that point. Since all funds (paid on site and through our service) go directly to the parking operator, we do not have the ability to refund the funds she paid and if she would like to receive a refund she would indeed need to reach out to the actual parking operator where she parked.

Additionally, I can see on the account that the payment was apparently blocked or otherwise failed and so it hasn't been taken from her financial institution. That also means of course that the account is suspended from use, and wouldn't be able to be used again until the payment is processed.

Again, we regret that this customer had a frustrating experience, and we do understand, it is simply a matter of the location being configured according to the parking operator's wishes, and that they receive all funds paid on site and through our service.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I am very pleased that my stop payment worked for this fraudulent charge; however, I wish to be assured I will not be sent to collections for the total. I will never use this account ever again in my life so it does not matter to me that it was suspended.

Final Business Response
We will not submit this failed payment to collections and we will keep the account deactivated as well, per the customer's request. Thank you.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
As long as this failed payment does not go to collections and my account stays deactivated, I am happy.

06/01/2016Billing / Collection Issues
11/19/2015Problems with Product / Service
12/05/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

This parking operator receives its payment by telephone. I followed its instructions but upon returning my car was "booted" for $113.25.
Upon arriving at the parking lot, I followed ParkMobile's sign instructions to a tee. I gave my car description, license plate number and credit card data. Upon returning another service, ******* ******************* had "booted" my car and would not release it until I had paid them $113.25. ParkMobile was negligent to not have advised them and now refuse to refund or make ******* refund the $113.25. ParkMobile acknowledges I had a 5-minute telephone call with them but didn't complete it. Bunk!! They had everything.

Desired Settlement

Business Response
The consumer reached out to us directly after his experience and his vehicle as booted. We responded to him that we saw he called our automated system and that we would retrieve the data from that call to determine what he experienced. We sent the consumer the results of that investigation. The short story is that he did not complete his registration and therefore never created an account with us and of course never entered the specific parking area details that would have been required to pay for a parking session. Below are our findings which we sent to him and the more detailed version of the issue.

On 10/28/2013 the consumer placed a call to our automated system. The call was initiated at 12:19:17 and lasted until 12:24:16. Consumer entered license plate number information and credit card details but when prompted to agree to the Terms and Conditions of using the service he did NOT agree.
During the registration process, the system will outline the Terms and Conditions of using our service, and then it will ask you to agree to the Terms and Conditions. It will say, "To accept these terms and conditions, and complete your registration, say yes or press 1. To decline, say no or press 2." The system requires an affirmative answer in order to complete the registration process. If you give a 'No' response or press 2 at this point, the system will say, "You have declined to agree to our terms, so we can't complete your registration. You can learn more and register via our mobile app or online at Thank you for calling Parkmobile. Goodbye." It is in this way that the system is making sure you're aware that your registration process has not been completed. If nothing at all is said at the prompt, the prompt will repeat 3 times in order to give you ample opportunity to complete your registration.

Further, just as additional information, had the consumer stated 'yes' or pressed '1' at the prompt to agree to the Terms and Conditions, the system would have indicated it was registering the account, and it would have notified him that he was registered. It then would have asked 'Would you like to start a parking session now?" When an affirmative response is given there, it then prompts you to enter your zone number from the Parkmobile signage, choose a duration, agree to the cost, etc. Of course, none of this took place because the consumer never agreed to the Terms and Conditions in order to register the account.

The consumer indicated he did everything required and that we had all the information we needed, but the data shows he did not. While we can see plainly he did start the process and it is our belief he was planning to register and pay for parking, it is not a Parkmobile fault that he failed to complete the process. There is no data to share with the parking operator if a consumer doesn't complete registration and doesn't start a parking session to pay for the parking.

We very much regret the negative experience, but again, must reiterate that there was no failing on Parkmobile's part. We made every effort to assist when he reached out to us after the fact to learn what he experienced. We provided him with the details above and indicated he should try to reach out to the parking operator to see if they would be willing to consider his attempt and perhaps 'forgive' part of the fee. This is out of our hands, and we have no say in what occurs at that point. He did not register an account with us (because of not completing his registration, as required) and did not use our service to pay for parking.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
After I gave my credit card number I asked if I was good to go and they said yes. That's when I hung up. On the internet there are similar complaints to mine. I stand by my statement. If you wish I can photograph their sign at the parking lot. It doesn't mention all the "stuff" that MobilePark stated to you.

Final Business Response
I believe there must be some confusion here. The consumer's call to us was on an automated phone system. There is no way the consumer could have asked the automated system if he was good to go and it wouldn't have responded "yes". It isn't that kind of system and it can't be asked questions.

I believer perhaps the consumer called someone else and is maybe remembering a phone call with that company?

I don't believe a sign from the parking lot would do anything to further this matter, as it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that the parking was not paid through our service since the account was not created.

Is it possible that the consumer called the parking operators directly and is confusing one of those conversations?

As the consumer parked in a lot operated by *************** in *******, he should take this up with ***************. Parkmobile does not own or operate the lots and we don't enforce with booting. We are the payment solution only. Since the consumer did not complete his account creation by agreeing to the terms and conditions when asked in the phone call with our automated system there is nothing Parkmobile can do to further assist this consumer. He will need to take this up with ******* ******* in *******. Perhaps he can determine if he spoke to someone there which might be the call he is remembering where he asked someone if he was good to go. Additionally, he can show them the effort he has made thus far and perhaps they could work with him on his request since he can show he had good intent.

We wish the consumer much success when he pursues his request with the appropriate company.

09/17/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

There ap overcharged me. It also renewed my parking, when I got a ticket but refuses to refund me.
Used there ap to park. Very confusing. After I paid, I used ap to extend current parking session. That was delayed (network connection inside museum?) Although I came back to find a $100 ticket and this company overcharged me for parking 1 license plate in 2 spaces at the same time. Then took my money to extend parking which is when I was given a ticket. Contacted customer support who mostly typed back what u told them but refuses to address request to reimburse duplicate parking or how I paid for parking when I received a ticket when I paid for parking. This company should fix there ap to only allow 1 license plate to pay for 1 space at a time. And to help us when we got a ticket after paying for multiple parking during the time the ticket was given. Clearly I tried to park correctly & this parking system didn't work.

Desired Settlement
They should pay my parking ticket. I had gone to them asking for extra parking reimbursement and help with showing the police I had paid for parking. But after so many attempts for help, they should simply pay my ticket (which I already paid). I am a single Mother who took my child and relative to a free museum. This parking mess cost me over $130!

Business Response
We regret any frustration, but there are many things at work here that are completely outside of our control. We reviewed the citation the customer sent us that she received while she was physically parked in a rush hour restricted zone. The system prevented her from starting a parking session in this zone and so we did NOT allow the customer to pay for parking there. The citation received was for parking in a rush hour zone which is not a Parkmobile related issue.

We advised the customer that going forward, to always remember to read any signs posted in the area where she's parked, as that will give her more information about when parking is or is not allowed.

Since the customer was unable to start a parking session in the zone in which she was parked (since our system recognized it was a rush hour restricted zone) she chose to initiate a parking session in a different zone. We can't prevent you from making errors of this nature. The customer claimed that the Parkmobile app told her what zone to use. The Parkmobile app does NOT tell you what zone you are located in and merely suggests nearby zones. There is a map functionality to help you find nearby zones that are enabled for Parkmobile, but we even include a warning message that indicates to you that you should only select a zone to pay for after you've identified that it is the correct zone for where you've parked. We go on to tell the customer to verify your zone number on signage in your area. We make every effort to prevent problems like what the customer experienced but we have no control over customer input or choices. So, if a customer chooses to start a parking session in an invalid zone we can't prevent that. Additionally, the customer started two parking sessions, not just one, in the invalid zone. There are multiple reasons for why you are allowed to start more than one parking session on the same vehicle in the same zone. Though none of these reasons would have helped this particular customer to input the correct information, there are reasons for it based on certain circumstances and certain rules a parking operator may have in place in their area. Additionally, to attempt to prevent someone from doing this accidentally, we also throw a warning to any customer who is about to start a session in a zone with a license plate for which they already have a parking session. Again, we are trying to prevent these issues. However, if a customer chooses to proceed, there is nothing we can do to stop it at that point.

We explained all of this in multiple correspondences with the customer, and indicated to the customer the information she could use if she wanted to pursue adjudication with the District of Columbia. Additionally, the parking operators receive the parking fees for parking in their area - Parkmobile does not. Additionally, Parkmobile doesn't ticket and therefore has no control over that aspect either. We are the payment solution only, and we did all we could to prevent problems such as these and to assist the customer with understanding what occurred. It is unfortunate that his is viewed as a failing on our part and that we haven't done all we could to attempt to assist.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve the customer, but can only do so within the rules and framework put in place by the parking operator and also to the degree possible considering the measures we put in place to prevent errors like this on the part of the customer.

06/15/2016Billing / Collection Issues
05/11/2016Billing / Collection Issues
01/20/2016Billing / Collection Issues
01/18/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Good morning. I am submitting a complaint against Parkmobile doing business as ClickandPark0009E. I purchased a parking space for an event with the company for $11.50 and the time was listed as wrong. I called the customer service number listed after not receiving a confirmation code, or even a ticket to park via email. The agent asked for the confirmation code, I told her I did not receive one and that I wanted to change the time for the parking space. The Customer Service agent replied that the company would not change the time, nor refund the money spent purchasing the ticket. She also stated that even if she put in a dispute, it would be rejected.
Product_Or_Service: Parking Ticket for Event
Order_Number: none given
Account_Number: none given

Desired Settlement
I would like the $11.50 refunded to my credit card and hopefully never do business with them again. They don't provide customer service in any form or manner.

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