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Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta, LLC

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Customer Complaints Summary

8 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Guarantee / Warranty Issues3
Problems with Product / Service5
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints8

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Complaint Resolution Log (8)
04/08/2016Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Replacement windows w/lifetime warranty have seals that failed causing cloudy-foggy areas in between the glass and have lost insulation properties.
After attending the North Georgia Home Show at the Gwinnett Arena I hired Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta LLC, **************************************************, Ph. ************, in March 2009 to replace (10) 17+ year old windows in my house for a total cost of $4,800.00 paid in full via credit card. I choose double hung vinyl replacements and (1) picture frame window all with lifetime transferable warranty. The installation went well and was pleased with final results, good job. In 3 years I began noticing large cloudy/fogged areas in upper sash on 3 replacement windows that cleaning the glass would not remove. I called FDR to file the report and they came to measure the "glass" to replace within the sash. Their process involved cutting original vinyl trim molding, removing bad double glass (breaking), applying clear caulk to both sides of molding and installing the replacement glass. The replacement date was July 2012.

FDR sourced windows from company called Accu-Weld which went bankrupt due to defective production process allowing seal holding thermal gas between double glass sashes to leak. The defect was cause of foggy areas and windows lose insulation properties or R value. I reported 1 more fogged window January 2013 and FDR replaced this one for additional charge of $55.00. In September 2015 I was looking out dinning room window and noticed one of the first replaced glass sashes, replaced in July 2012, has insulation seal bowed and unseated from original position. Called new report to FDR and company owner, ******* ********, visited to inspect. After several follow up calls on my behalf on 11/13/15 ******* and I agreed to replacement install appointment for early AM on day of 11/30/15. I took a vacation day from work to be here for this appointment. On morning of 11/30/15 waiting for installer to show, I called ******* at 10.05AM asking when I should expect his guy to arrive and told me "I'll check with installer and will call you back". I sent him text message 12/02/15 stating "been 48 hours and still waiting on your call". He called me on 12/7/15 and apologized about other day, said he was with someone and will call me back again. I don't believe they have/had the replacement sash from replacement glass company in Tucker, Window Crafters. ******* called me back 12/8/15 at 6:15pm and left message stating again "sorry I missed you yesterday and call him back at my conveyance, or I'll just give you the short end of it the, well just call me back".
Interesting how I feel the blunt end of FDR's vendor closed their doors. I paid average of $400.00 per window and FDR made good profit on the job. After further investigation I know now when replacing a window sash of double hung vinyl window, it's done by removing "compete" vinyl unit, upper or lower, and installing with "complete" vinyl unit including the glass. This replacement process takes less than 60 seconds. Replacing glass as FDR has done so far, doesn't provide original insulation properties as a factory made sash and now I have a replaced glass with budging seal. Replacing glass only process as performed by FDR and takes 30 - 45 minutes each and still provides unacceptable result.
Today, most of the other original replacement widows installed are now fogged and cloudy and have lost insulation gas. I'm looking for an ethical way, not a free one but a better business way, to handle this situation. As the thank you letter from President of FDR states, "100% customer satisfaction is our goal, however should you have a problem, we always stand behind our warranties".

Desired Settlement
Replacement of defective windows with complete new units of equal value, appearance and function from reputable manufacture with life time warranty at contractors cost and no labor charge.

Business Response
I have reviewed this matter, and was told We have met with customer and in process of scheduling the replacement.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
In response to FDR's reply to my complaint I received on March 24, 2016 they note "I have reviewed this matter, and was told we have met with customer and in process of scheduling the replacement". I have not seen any company representative or had any communication from them since I filed the original complaint on February 22, 2016. The last contact with FDR I had was a voice message from ******* on December 8, 2015 @ 6:15pm, over three months ago.
Additionally, I am asking for "all" defective windows be replaced, there are several. FDR's reply states "the replacement" meaning one.

Final Business Response
FDR was on the property last week and confirmed the lower window measurements. I understand it is in line for install next week.Customer may call Tuesday for verification of install date for next week

01/07/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We have windows with a lifetime guarantee and the company will not support them. I have called repeatedly for over two years and I can't get a representative from the company to even come look at the issue. You cannot guarantee a product for life and then refuse to back it. I sent pictures, emails and called on the phone and never got satisfaction.
Product_Or_Service: Windows

Desired Settlement
The window in question needs to be reset in the mounting (it is slipping down and there is a gap at the top of the window that lets cold air in the house). Also, there are parts of the window that are cracking. those need to be replaced as well.

Business Response
Mr.******** has been contacted. His windows were purchased in 2006. He understands this was not an FDR warranty issue, but a manufacture's warranty problem. Mr.******** is happy with the resolution FDR has made to fix the issue.

09/03/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

For the last 3 years we have had multiple service techs from FDR repair our Major Leaking Porch roof that FDR installed. It continues to leak.
We reported to FDR on 2/22/13 the first incident of roof leaking and they responding by sending a technician out to repair. The repair was completed and the next "BIG" rain we had issues again.

It was reported again to FDR on 2/26/13 that the roof was again leaking. Someone finally got back to us on 3/8/13 and again a repair was performed.

Again it was reported to FDR on 6/2/13 our roof was leaking yet again. I didn't have anyone show up to repair and reached out again 7/29/13 to get someone to repair it. Techs came and patched it and left.

Again I reached out on 11/26/13 and again they patched it but it happened again.

On 2/6/2014****** and**** from FDR-Atl came out to survey.

On 3/2014 there was again patching.

On 7/15/2014 I again sent video and pictures as before explaining that the roof continues to leak.

I communicated to FDR again in August of 2014. Then in April of 2015 I again had to send video etc... showing the roof still continues to leak. I have been personally going through Head/Neck Cancer since March of 2015 and haven't had the desire to call. Now I have in recovery and I simply would like a thorough evaluation and a permanent fix for our roof leak. This has gone on to long and it appears it wasn't installed properly to begin with so it needs to be replaced.

Installation was: 12/2012

General build wasn't right to begin with and on 2/2013 contractors corrected it.

Price paid was over 4k.

Since installation:

2/22/2013 - Reported leaks - Repair
2/26/2013 - Reported leaks - Repair
3/8/2013 - Reported leaks - Repair
6/2/2013 - Reported another leak
7/29/2013 - Reported leaks again and Repair was perfomed.
11/26/2013 - Reported leaks again.
2/6/2014 - FDR Contractors surveyed and made another patch plan.
3/2014 - FDR Contractor Patched leak
7/15/2014 - Reported yet again leaking roof
8/2014 - FDR including owner came out and patched.
3/2015 - I have contacted FDR and not had anyone respond to me. Fighting cancer so it's been on the back burner until now.

Owner of FDR ******* ********* has been to the house and seen the leak first hand.

Just want this fixed permanently!

Desired Settlement
I believe as stated by some of FDR-Atl contractors, the original installation was incorrect. The leaks will continue until they replace the roof and do it right the first time.

Business Response
Mr****** and I spoke in July. He expressed we had been out to do the repair in timely matter,in a first call. But as he had been ill and taking cancer treatments for about a year: when another problem came, he did not contact us in timely manner. I then spoke with the owner of FDR and we are in action to reassure Mr******, that we are servicing the issue. And on schedule.
I had been on this sight to report last month, but must have failed to save it properly. We are taking care of Mr******.

11/20/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Purchased 3 picture windows from this company. Notes from sales call confirm the salesman assured me they "carefully select glass suppliers and are giving me a life time guarantee" for the windows was confirmed. I have a warrantee document. All 3 windows installed in 2008 have failed and are cloudy with black mold growing inside the cloudy glass. I called the company 9/3/14 and when I explained the issue the customer service rep explained that the glass manufacturer THEY chose is out of business so the warrantee promises needed to be handled by owner ******* ********. After being put on hold I was told he was "in a meeting and would call me personally". NO call. I called again 9/4 asked for ML, told he "was in a meeting and would call within 48 hours". No call. 9/15 Called again ****** promises (after putting me on hold again to consult with a manager) that ML would call me. No call. Called again on 9/17 asked for ML. Told customer service rep that a call from this owner, even if it is to be honest and courageous enough to tell me "they had NO plans to honor the warrantee paper I was given and the verbal promise the salesman made"- would have been more respectful than the constant broken promises and lies the customer service person was forced to give me, promising calls back. As of Oct 2 no promised calls were ever returned, no help from this company that chose to buy and install defective windows in my home. 100% of them failed and I will now need to pay another $3,500+ to have 6 year old windows fixed by a more reputable company.

Desired Settlement
I want my money back. They picked the defective materials they installed in my home. $2,690

Business Response
Everything you have stated is true. The windows installed did not perform to their specifications. The actual window manufacturer, Accu-Weld, went out of business. They were actually known for very nice quality windows. With all this said, what does this mean?

While your warranty covers both the window and installation, any issue with the window itself is only covered by the manufacturer. In your case, it sounds like the seal between the two panes of glass separated. This allowed the insulating gas to escape and moisture to enter. This is not fixable. The entire window has to be replaced. Your complaint is with Accu-Weld.

While we sold you the windows, we are only the installers and not the manufacturer. We stand behind the warranty we provided which covers installation. To address the problem, completely new windows must be purchased. We would be happy to install these new windows at no cost. We were searching for new replacement windows that would have not required you paying full retail price.

You can trying contacting the company that purchased Accu-Weld's assets. However, we had no success as the entity that purchased the assets is not liable for any past agreements, i.e., warranties, held with the homeowners or businesses such as ours that installed the windows.

While very unfortunate and also to our dismay, this is a very common practice when a company goes out of business. Again, the only solution is to purchase new windows and we would install them at no charge. Our records show you last called over a week ago and stated you were tired of waiting and were purchasing new windows and having another company install them. We are still more than happy to pick this issue back up and trying to come to a solution that will make all parties satisfied.

If we can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you would like to file a complaint against Accu-Weld, you may do so against "Haddon Windows." Unfortunately, both small and large window manufacturers were hit when the economy went south in 2008. These include such names as **********, ******, ********, ******* and many others.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do understand your position but YOU not I selected the defective part YOU installed and YOU should stand behind that or offer me the labor costs I paid at the bare minimum. I paid and chose you not the manufacturer of the defective part you selected. I appreciate the offer of free labor but you will forgive me for writing that that I don't want to pay more money for you to install glass you pick as it too may fail. Sorry but your track record with me is bad. 3 windows 3 failures.
so I'd like to select my own glass manufacturer and have the labor refund to offset the extra cost I must pay for your choice. I trusted you.

If your judgment when selecting the glass is so poor the company went out of business why would anyone give you more money to pick another parts manufacturer. The track record is poor. So I'd like that labor costs I paid back.

Your customer service fellow promised you'd call back several times over several weeks, saying you did not do so over 3 weeks time because you were researching glass is not an excuse. All you had to do was call and say "we are looking into this, or we will reinstall for free but you need to buy the glass". You never called or bothered to may any offer until I contacted the BBB.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
no thanks too little too late and I don't trust the same gentleman who picked the glass windows that all failed- a second time. It seems unwise to give him $300 more dollars, trusting that this time he picked well and now the job costs me even more money than I paid to get what I was promised. I did not cause this problem. It will cost him less than a $300 peace offering to pay his men to come do the job all over again. And frankly how good can a $100 picture window be? I paid him about $500 each! Send me a check for $300 and I'd still be out $1500 but I'd be less miserable.

Final Business Response
We have found a manufacturer that has windows which will replace and fit exactly like the Accu-Weld windows. Again, we apologize for the problems you have experienced. We are more than willing to meet the terms of our part of the warranty which covers labor. In addition, we will also provide the replacement windows below cost. This comes to $100 per window.

We will be more than happy to order the replacement windows and schedule a time for installation. Please contact us when you are ready.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide money for you to pay someone else to do the labor. That is not the terms of your warranty.

10/16/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Sunroom leaks when heavy rain occurs. Repeated calls made to have issue addressed. Company continues to ignore requests even though a written request also made as specified by the extended warranty provided by company from previous issues.
Product_Or_Service: Sunroom

Desired Settlement
Fix the leak.

Business Response
While we do show in our system that you had an issue with a leak, the last call we have logged is from July 2nd, 2014. The resulting service call showed natural wear and tear where the sunroom walls met your existing roof that covers the entire structure. We expressed at this time, the area needed maintenance, i.e., caulking. Regardless, we are more than willing to help you address the issue. Our production department will call you to schedule another service call. We are very sorry for any troubles you have experienced.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Nothing in the company's response makes sense. First, no company representative has been out to my home for a service call in 2014. This is what I've been asking them to do. Second, the leak is coming from the bottom of the door not the roof. Third, there would be no need for this complaint if the company actually sent a technician out to perform an evaluation and provide a solution to issue. All of this would absolutely be unnecessary. Is the company confusing my complaint with another customer's complaint?

Final Business Response
Mr. *******, We have attempted to contact you since 9/10/2014 with no response. This includes both our main office and the individual, **** ****** we assigned to your issue. We are more than happy to come out and address any issues. However, we must speak to you to schedule a time. Please contact our office at XXX-XXX-XXXX and we will schedule someone to come out and address any issues right away.

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