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Access Management Group

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7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 5 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues3
Problems with Product / Service4
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

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Complaint Resolution Log (7)
04/11/2016Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I double paid due online and by check. I tried to contact manager to cancel 1 payment, but no reply. I had to cancel it myself.Now I'm charged for it
Firstly, let me start by saying this issues could have been resolved within days with a couple of emails. But due to lack of response from the property manger, ******* *********. This whole ordeal has dragged out for 7 months and is still unresolved. She has total disregard for people's time and is unresponsive to multiple calls and emails. I don't know how any work gets done there.

I accidentally double paid my HOA dues online and by check, which I admit was my fault. I tried to contact the property manager, ******* *********, to see if it was possible to cancel online payment since the check was already sent out or maybe transfer it to next year.
1. I sent an email (8/23/15) explaining the situation with no reply.
2. I called multiple times and no one picked up.
3. I sent another email (11/9/15) with no reply.
4. I sent the 3rd email (11/23/15) she finally replied.
During that time my credit card had already been charged and the check had already been cashed. I was out $800. In attempt to get my $400 back, I called my credit card company to file a dispute, but they could only get the $9 processing fee back because it wasn't clearly written on the website.
She finally replied me back after the 3rd email saying that I can transfer the 2nd payment to 2016. But, there would be a $50 charge for insufficient funds for the check. I replied (11/25/15) saying that there is no record of the check bouncing and she should check again.

Another 2 months go by with no response. I finally tried calling to settle the matter (2/15/16). She actually picked up this time (never apologized for not answering phone calls and emails) saying that I need to provide proof that my check didn't bounced, and the scan of the check that my bank provided will not do. (What? that's the whole point of the bank scanning the check!) So I called my bank and they agreed to do a 3 way call to verify that I had more than enough funds for the check and it went through fine. So she then said she will look into fixing it.

(3/15/16) I received collection letter. I emailed her again about it and she said the problem now is that I filed the credit card dispute, I have to pay for the $50 fee, accusing me of trying to get out of paying the $9 processing fee.

Who would go through all this time and stress for a $9 processing fee? Who caused me to have to file a dispute? What kind of professional takes 3 months to reply an email? I admit it was my fault to pay twice, but the way the situation was handled was extremely unprofessional and neglectful. I felt like I was scammed so I disputed. I will not pay for someone's lack of response in a timely manner that caused me to dispute. I have all the necessary document to support my clam.

Desired Settlement
I would like $50 fee dropped and most importantly an apology from ******* ********* for wasting my time.

Business Response
Mr. ******,

I'm very sorry to hear about this issue and how long it has taken to get resolved. After going through the email archive and phone logs, I agree that this could've and should've been resolved by a few emails and not have been dragged out for months. My apologies that this was not handled appropriately by your manager and we will address with her accordingly.

I have personally removed the fees on your account giving you a zero balance as of today. I hope this addresses your desired resolution satisfactorily and your property manager will be in touch with you shortly. Please let us know if there is anything else you need in the interim.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Thank you very much for handling this issue in a timely manner. I hope there won't be any issues like this in the future. Also, thanks to BBB for being a great mediator and providing a place for frustrated and mistreat consumers.

03/31/2016Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I submitted my payment for my HOA assessment fee and it was scheduled to pay by 3/4/16 from Bank of America Bill pay. Access Management said it was due by 3/15 and Bank of America has confirmed that the payment was mailed on 3/1/16. On 3/21/16 I received an email from Access Management saying that my assessment was late. That same day, I emailed them back providing the confirmation number from Bank of America with my payment saying it was due to pay by 3/4/16. On 3/23/16, the Property Manager******* emailed me saying my payment wasn't received until 3/22/16 and on 3/23/16 they sent me an email saying they received the payment.
Payment details:
View Payment
Pay To Amount Pay From Deliver By

Walden Park c/o Access Mgmt Gp
$183.33 BOFA CORE CHECKING-**** 03/04/2016

Confirmation Number: JYCY5-RFB1C

Payment check # 47160842 was sent to Walden Park c/o Access Mgmt Gp on03/01/2016 and delivered on 03/04/2016. Funds were withdrawn from yourBOFA CORE CHECKING-**** account on 03/04/2016.

Desired Settlement
The charged my account with a late fee of $56.83. I would like to dispute this late fee as I have every confirmation from the bank that my payment was sent on time. I should not be held responsible if the property management company did not process my check and apply the payment to my account.

Business Response
Ms. *********,

First off, we are very sorry to hear about your frustration in dealing with this issue. Unfortunately this resulted from something that was entirely out of our control and we've narrowed down the issue to either the post office servicing the lockbox in Las Vegas, NV, or the third party bill pay company that your bank and many other banking institutions use. When someone such as yourself goes online and makes an electronic payment through your bank, your bank drafts the funds from your account and issues a physical check to be mailed to the lockbox. That check still has to arrive to the lock box and be processed (same day - no exceptions), which is then downloaded to our system every day and reflects on your ledger. Your payment, along with a handful of others, never reached the lockbox until 3/22/16 for whatever reason. Not sure if the post office misplaced the mail, or if the third-party bill pay company for your bank simply didn't send it when they told you it was sent. Either way, you did your part and you are absolutely correct that you should not be charged a late fee and I have removed it personally from your account.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience but as previously stated, this was entirely out of our control. We are still investigating to see who all has been affected by this issue, but I can honestly say that I have never seen this happen in the 10+ years I've been in this industry. We hope you understand the situation and are comfortable with the resolution we have provided by removing the late fee from your account. Please let us know if you need anything further, thank you.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Thank you for the quick response to resolve this issue for me.

11/02/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

This company operates the Homeowner's Association in the neighborhood I am currently renting a house in. There was a alleged violation from them that I was illegally storing my trash containers within sight of the street back in July. Due to not having the HOA laws provided to me by the homeowners or the HOA, that violation was waived and I followed the provided HOA laws to compliance. Then in October, two weeks before my family is scheduled to move, the HOA then made another claim that I was allegedly in violation of improper trash can storage since the first claim in July. The issue I have with this the following:1. The HOA agent that is making these alleged violation reportd against me is reluctant to deal with me directly, claiming that they are not charging me $25 a day but are charging the Homeowners. Who do they think is going to pay this estimated $1500 fine?2. I moved my container from behind an approximately 7 x 4 bush on the side of the house to completely behind the house and the backyard fence after the first incident. During both alleged violations, I was not provided any evidence of my wrongdoing. Both storing places were in accordance of HOA laws, especially the second alleged offense. 3. On the date of the second alleged offense, my trash was scheduled for pickup. So my trash was at the curb. 4.Both alleged incidents were reported to me second-handedly from the homeowners that live counties away. Even after the first incident, I was told that all future correspondences would be sent directly to me. Not only was this not followed, the HOA waited two weeks from the time they are claiming the second alleged offense to send a letter to the homeowners.

Desired Settlement
I want all unsupported claims and resulting charges dropped.

Final Consumer Response
Ms. ******* contacted me and laid out all the details and identified the miscommunication between her company, myself, and a third party. She was quick and professional in dealing with the issue after I made my complaint.

06/29/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I was charged $10 services fee and $40 handling fee for a stop payment check that they shall not to depoist
On 06/01/2015, I emailed Mr *** ******, the property manager of ******* **** complex. Advised him that I sent 2 checks for June HOA due (Payment Account Number XXXXX). The second check was duplicate and I've ask bank to stop payment on that check. I asked Mr ****** do not deposit that check. He replied that he hasn't received either check.

On 06/19/215, I received the letter from Access management group that stated I'm charged for $10 services fee and $40 handling fee for that stop payment check.

I emailed Mr ****** and ask him to remove those charges. He agrees to remove $40 handling fee but not the $10 service fee. when I asked why I shall be charged, he replied "Please continue this train of email and I will also not remove the $40 bounce fee change.".

I have never seen any company does business and treat customer like this.

Desired Settlement
Access management group shall remove those incorrect finance charge on my account.

Business Response
I am sorry to hear that you have been unhappy with our service, in particular your interactions with Mr. ******. I'll address any deficiencies in customer service with Mr. ****** once I've finished researching the entire communication between the two of you. Regarding your desired resolution, there are a few items that need to be clarified and explained first as the fees you were charged were done so correctly.

As Mr. ****** explained to you, once you send a check to the lockbox we cannot stop the lockbox from processing that payment. Our lockbox, like all other lockboxes, is a payment center that is fully automated and is not an individual sitting in an office sorting through checks by hand. Mr. ****** made you aware of this shortly after you notified him of your mistake. The fees associated with insufficient funds or a payment that has been stopped are two-fold with a portion being charged by us as the management company, and a portion being charged by your homeowners association. Mr. ****** immediately told you that we would be willing to waive our portion. What he failed to properly explain was that in order to waive the $10 charged by the homeowners association, he would have to obtain approval from the Board of Directors for your community. This is because that $10 fee is charged by the bank to your homeowners association, so they would be absorbing the $10 fee on your behalf. We obviously have to obtain permission to waive fees when it's not our money to waive.

Since the latter part was not properly explained to you, we will remove the remaining $10 on the account and will be absorbing that cost on behalf of the association. Please note that if you make a similar mistake in the future by sending a duplicate payment, you are better off letting the duplicate payment go through and then requesting a refund that you'll receive back in a few days. Again, lockboxes are automated services, not individuals, that process thousands of checks a day so no one is going to be able to catch your duplicate payment for you.

I apologize for your unpleasant experience and I trust this resolution will be to your satisfaction.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. If I was told about these facts from the beginning in the communication between Mr. ****** and me,then I would have asked the bank to lift the stop payment, and let the payment go through.

Again, thank you for handling the issue in a such professional way. I wish all the best for you and your business.

02/19/2016Problems with Product / Service
07/21/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

This company lacks professionalism. Extremely slow to respond, disrespectful and non solution oriented. The fail to meet expectations regularly.
On June 23,2015, An adult resident of the property XXX ****************. attempted to access the community pool in this subdivision, which is currently managed by this Access Management Group. The adult was accompanied by 4 minors all under the age of 18, two of which were also residents at the above mention address. the other 2 minors were guest who were in our care but also happened to reside in the community as well. Upon accessing the pool with the provided pool access card, the security guard on duty verified that the address on the residents drivers liscense matched the pool access list. The security guard then proceeded to ask who the 2 additional children were accompanying the adult. The adult explained that they were guest in our home for the day, and that they also happened to be the children of our next door neighbor. Upon receiving this information, the security guard denied access of the 2 children to the pool. When this decision was questioned, he continued to harass them and the resident, and began to question their ability to access the pool. He stated that he was denying the children access to the pool because they were not "guest", but residents in the community. We explained to him that they were indeed guest who were in the care of the adult resident. We also explained that neither HOA bylaws nor pool rules specified what a "guest" could or could not be. The resident then went a step further and provided the address at which the children lived, and the security guard was able to verify that they also had access to the community pool. However the security guard continued to deny entry to the 2 additional children, claiming that we were in violation of pool rules by attempting to bring them in. The security guard, who was also armed with a gun, began to get very agitated and aggressive. He began making rude comments, which began to intimidate both the resident and 4 children that accompanied. The authorities were then called to the seen by the resident as they felt threatened by the guard, and new that they were being incorrectly denied access to the community pool. The resident then reached out to their designated contact at Access management Group unsuccessfully several times. After about the third call our contact came to the line. He was combative and rude. When we questioned which pool rule or HOA bylaw we were violating, he could not tell me and proceeded to fabricate one. When he was asked to provide documentation as to where said rule was in either the bylaws or Posted pool rules, he stated " I would not find it because there wasn't one". His lack of knowledge, only added more confusion to an already tense situation and solved nothing. I then questioned why He was even the contact if he was not able to assist or give the security guard the green light for us to access the pool. He then became agitated and dropped the line. Access Management Group, who according to their website are to provide a prompt and courteous response, did anything but that. Both the residents and their guest were incorrectly, unjustly and inappropriately denied entry into a pool that they pay to access. We have asked both Access Management and the HOA board of directors to provide documentation that supports their decision to publicly and embarrassingly deny the resident access to pool. Investigate and address the unnecessary intimidation from the security staff and to rectify this situation immediately. To specify and furnish exactly which rules we were in supposed violation of. Neither of these things have been done. This is only one issue on the list of growing concerns, that I and other residents have attempted to get Access management Group to address. We have not heard from Access Management Group since the incident occurred on June 23,2015. After many emails that were addressed to both them and the HOA board.

Desired Settlement
The removal of the security staff that was present and involved in the harassment and intimidation of the resident and its guest. Access Management to furnish written documentation from either HOA covenants, bylaws or Posted pool rules that caused denied entry. A timely response and resolution to this matter. A meeting with a member of Access management Group personally to discuss the above mentioned incident and the details.

Business Response
On June 23, 2015 there was incident at the pool where an adult from the referenced address was asked to leave the pool area due to a violation in the rules and regulations. There were four witnesses and two official complaints issued by other neighbors with regard to the adult that was asked to leave the pool. All witnesses described the adult as belligerent and abusive while talking to the security guard and other residents at the pool and included the repeated use of racial slurs. A request was made by several residents that the individual not be allowed back to the pool given the events that transpired.

The property manager (Access Management Group) was contacted by the owner that day. He spoke with the owner, the police and security at the pool within minutes of the incident. The Owner did communicate with the Board of Directors directly on 6/23, 6/24 and 6/25 following the incident and the property manager (Access Management Group) was communicating with the Board during that time. The Board of Directors decided to hold an emergency meeting and the property manager reached out to the owner on 6/30/15 (same day the BBB received the initial complaint) asking if they would be available to attend a meeting with the Board on 7/1/15.

On 7/1/15 a meeting was held with all parties. The Board of Directors for the community met in executive session following this meeting and decided to only disallow access to the pool for the individual involved in the incident and not all residents at this address. The Board's decision to revoke the privilege of access to the amenities for the one individual was then communicated via letter to the owners on 7/3/15. The owners followed up on 7/8/15 stating they appreciated the Board allowing access to all but the one individual involved in the incident. They did request additional information be shared on the basis for the final decision. A response with follow up was sent on 7/10/15 by the property manager to the owner.

While it was an unfortunate situation, it was addressed promptly and all parties were heard and we consider this matter to be closed as the Board of Directors for the community has made their decision.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept this businesses response as it is an inaccurate depiction of the series of events nor does it address my main complaint. This matter is not closed, but considered to be ongoing. This complaint was filed due to this businesses lack of professionalism, disrespectful manor in which they address me as a homeowner, and inability to be solution seeking. Additionally, how Mr.************ continues to refuse to take responsibility for Access Management Group's half hearted efforts, lack of communication, lack of documentation and continuously misconveyung HOA governing laws and rules to his advantage in an attempt to bully us into withdrawing our BBB complaint. They have done nothing but attempt to manipulate the situation and the communication surrounding it. I also suspect that the decision made by************** Homeowners board was based upon falsified/ incorrect documentation presented to them by Access Management Group. Access Managements description of the documentation that they have provided to the board has changed on more than one occasion. This company has not been fair in adhering to HOA governing laws during their communication with us as well. Nor have they been forthcoming with providing us with ALL written/ visual documentation used in coming to this decision. Yes we did request that additional information be shared on the basis of their final decision. Access management states in their response above that a "response" with follow up was sent to homeowner. That statement is misleading and implies that Access Management Group fulfilled this request, which they did NOT. They have not provided any of the specific information that we requested, and this statement is just indicative off yet another attempt at being misleading on their part. I will attempt to forward as much email correspondence as possible that proves we have yet to reach any amicable decision and that this is a NOT a resolved issue. Access Management Group fails to acknowledge that they also work for the homeowners of this community, who are owed just as much respect, professionalism and information as the board of directors. Access Management Group fails to meet expectations, time and time again.
In regards to this most recent incident which occurred on 6/23. Our initial BBB complaint was filed at or around 5am on 6/30, we did not receive an email from Access Management group notifying us of a potential meeting with the board until the evening of 6/30. Access Management themselves admits in their response that they did not get back to us to confirm a meeting with the board until 7/1( almost 8 days later). In between that time we had received NO communication from Access Management Group. Additionally, They provided us less than 24hrs notice to prepare for a meeting with our board. HOA governing laws state that homeowners are to be allowed at least 10 days notice after receiving date time and location of special meetings with the board. I have email confirmation proving that access management confirmed our meeting with the board only 4 hours before it was to occur. We felt blindsided, and were unable to prepare accordingly for such a meeting. Another attempt on Access Management Groups part to manipulate and thwart our efforts in pointing out their lack luster customer service efforts.

03/09/2016Problems with Product / Service

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