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BBB Air Force Line, in partnership with the USAF Airmen and Family Readiness Centers (A&FRCs), encourages Air Force personnel (including Reservists and National Guard), retirees, and their family members to use the free consumer services and materials offered by BBB. BBB is proud to be a participant in the DoD Financial Readiness Campaign. 

BBB Military Line, as part of The BBB Center, is on the 2010 Combined Federal Campaign National Charity List.  Our CFC code number is 88344. 

Free resourses for military families
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Kiplinger-BBB Personal Finance Guide for Military Families- This guide contains  practical, easy-to-understand information about being financially prepared for deployment, buying a home, minimizing taxes, holding down insurance costs and avoiding financial schemes that too often target military families.

Air Force Crossroads is the official community Website of the US Air Force, providing information on installations, finances, family member employment and much more.

Air Force Legal Assistance provides basic information on legal assistance topics that commonly affect military members, to include consumer affairs, family law, wills and powers of attorney.  Legal worksheets are also available on this site.

Air Force Community is committed to ensuring Airmen and their families have access to helpful information and community-related services. This Web site provides a 24/7 resource for Airmen and their families with helpful military-related support information that affects daily life.

Air Force Personnel Center offers a wealth of information including Airman and Family Readiness Flight (A&FRF) programs and services, benefits and pay, and many helpful links.

Air Force Retiree Services (AFPC/DPSIAR) manages the Air Force Retiree Activities Program and the Survivor Benefit Plan; supports the Air Force Retiree Council; and advises the Air Force retirement community via various means of communication including the Afterburner, News for USAF Retired Personnel, and postings on the Internet.

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As a matter of policy, BBB and the United States Air Force do not endorse any product, service, or company.