Beware of phone directory solicitations

August 30, 2013


Better Business Bureau warning:

Beware of phone directory solicitations

August 30, 2013 – Little Rock, AR. Businesses across the U.S. are filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau of Arkansas against a company which is using a mailing address in Bentonville, AR. The complaints allege businesses receive an invoice for what appears to be an online Yellow Page directory listing. The problem is the businesses did not authorize the purchase.

Complaints allege that when the business disputes the billing, an “altered” verification recording is played trying to convince the business the listing was ordered. Some businesses have reported that challenging the legitimacy of the invoice results in receiving multiple harassing contacts from Public Pages demanding payment.


Over the past four weeks the Better Business Bureau of Arkansas has received 52 complaints from businesses located in 24 states.

The BBB offers the following precautions when dealing with business directory solicitations or invoices:

Educate your employees about this type of scam.

Have a dedicated staff person responsible for directory solicitations and invoices

Keep a list of all verified contracts with business directories

If an invoice seems fraudulent, contact the business to ask for documentation

Check out a business directory company before agreeing to terms and providing payment information by contacting the BBB at


For more information about scams targeting businesses, you can visit the BBB blog and the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Business Center at