BBB Recognition of Support: 20+ years and counting
BBB Recognition of Support 20+ years and counting! The Better Business Bureau of Arkansas would like to thank the following Accredited Businesses for their support. ..
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BBB Office Hours for the Holiday Week
Our office in Little Rock will be closed this Wednesday for the New Years Holiday! We wish everyone to have a safe and New Years! We will be open Thursday morning at 8am.
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Better Business Bureau Offers Suggestions to Target Customers Following Data Breach
Better Business Bureau has some suggestions for Target customers who are concerned that their credit or debit cards may have been compromised by the data breach announced by the retailer this morning.
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BBB Warning: Smart Phone Apps May Share Your Information
Smart phone apps can make life easier, putting dozens of useful tools in the palm of your hand. But BBB is warning consumers to make sure the apps they download don’t take more information than they nee..
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Better Business Bureau Warns: Phony Websites Pretend to Be
A noticeable trend recently is websites that include the word “overstock” in the domain name, hoping to fool consumers into thinking they are shopping with
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Better Business Bureau Opens Full Service Office in Los Angeles
Better Business Bureau opened a new full-service office in downtown Los Angeles today, and the famous BBB torch symbol was symbolically passed to new leadership. BBB executives, Accredited Businesses an..
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Be a Calculated Gift Giver this Holiday Season
With careful planning, consumers can make the most of their holidays without straining their budgets.
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Ho Ho Hold On Before Sending Money To People You Haven’t Met
Sales and special offers typically increase during the holidays, and scammers are also poised to try to steal people’s hard-earned cash. Western Union and BBB are equipping consumers with important tips..
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BBB In The News
FTC Stops Online 'Yellow Pages' Scam; Canada-Based Operation Targeted Small Businesses and Churches in United States.  FTC gives thanks to BBB of Arkansas for thei..
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“Shop Small” and Support Small Businesses on November 30th
Small businesses are the cornerstone of any community, creating jobs, spurring local economic growth, and giving back to society.
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