BBB Lists Top Industries For Inquiries, Complaints In 2012

January 18, 2013

St. Louis, Mo., January 17, 2013 - The Better Business Bureau (BBB) provided services to consumers and businesses a record 6.78 million times last year, demonstrating that more people than ever are turning to the BBB for advice, consumer tips and other information.

While requests for BBB Business Reviews declined 18 percent to 1.68 million, use of the BBB website was up 8 percent from 2011. The site was accessed 4.5 million times.

Home construction and remodeling contractors led the list of companies inquired about again last year, with roofing and guttering contractors in second place. There was little change in the top 10 categories of Business Reviews that consumers accessed last year.

When consumers call about companies or check our website, they can find out about a firm’s complaint history as well as basic information about a company, such as products or services offered and contact information for the company. Many consumers go on to request further information from BBB Accredited Businesses through our Request A Quote service, available for any Accredited Business with a valid email address.

Complaints declined 12 percent to 21,826, continuing the trend of the last four years. The decline in complaints suggests that more people are reading BBB Business Reviews, alerts and tips before they patronize businesses, helping them make informed choices.

Complaints against the cable, television and satellite companies again led the list of industries with the most complaints. Telephone and cellular service providers again were the second most-complained-about category.

We resolved 85 percent of complaints filed with the BBB, an increase from 80 percent in 2011. The BBB works as a go-between to resolve consumer complaints against companies.

The number of Accredited Charities meeting the BBB’s 20 Standards of Charity Accountability was up slightly to 166 at the end of 2012. The number of local charity reviews  available on our website grew approximately 5 percent to 903.

The BBB challenged 516 local ads, down slightly from 522 challenges in 2011. The BBB challenges ads that do not comply with the BBB Code of Advertising or that violate state or federal laws.

The BBB issued 150 press releases, including consumer tips releases as well as releases based on some of the 212 investigations conducted by the BBB last year. The releases generated increased media coverage, which kept the BBB top of mind for many consumers.

Consumers can learn how to protect themselves or find BBB Business Reviews and Charity Reviews by calling (314) 645-3300 or by going online to

Better Business Bureau
Top 10 Industries for BBB Business Reviews In 2012


Home Construction/
Remodeling Contractors


2 Roofing & Guttering Contractors


3 Auto Dealers-Used Cars


4 Auto Repair Shops


5 Mortgage Companies


6 Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors


7 Landscaping & Lawn Services


8 Collection Agencies


9 Auto Dealers - New Cars


10 Plumbers


Total  For All Industries


Source: Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois

Top 10 Industries For Complaints in 2012

1 Television Cable/Satellite Contractors


2 Telephone/Cellular Services


3 Internet Sales & Services


4 Home Construction/Remodeling Contractors


5 Auto Dealers - Used Cars


6 Auto Repair Shops


7 Auto Dealers - New Cars


8 Roofing & Guttering Contractors


9 General Merchandise - Retail


10 Mail Order & Catalog Sales


Total  For All Industries


Source: Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois

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