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Crown Point Resort

Phone: (775) 299-4360Fax: (202) 558-2051

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Customer Complaints Summary

15 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues6
Billing / Collection Issues2
Problems with Product / Service7
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints15

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Complaint Resolution Log (15)
06/19/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Repeatedly lied to during consultation!
Booked vacation and went to a presentation. Was lied to about the Platinum RCI points fees. I was told it was the same price as the Weeks fees I am paying now. They lied, I pay 90.00 for two years
CHECK CRD PURCHASE 05/19 RCI RENEWAL ******************* ** **************** *************** *********
The fees are 124.00 a year + 55.00 for one year + then goes up multiple years. That was a blatten lie she told us. **** is a very good liar, everytime I would compare them to Silverlear because of their deceptive trade practices she would say I promis we are NOT like Silverleaf we don't lie to our customers. She is worse than Silverleaf. All of this took place in March of 2014.

Desired Settlement
I would like my Silverleaf timeshare back and my 3100.00 that was charged for closing costs and fees. Or If I cant get my silverleaf back a full refund of 13,100.00. $10,000 for my Silverleaf timeshare and 3100.00 for the charges they put on my credit card for fees and points!

Business Response
E-mail from President of the business:


After asking my sales agent, ************* to settle this problem with **********, she agreed to drop the complaint against Crown Point Resort.

Thank you,


Consumer Response
I would like **** to verify with you and me that I still own my Crown Point timeshare. Once she verifies I will close the case. She sent me an email saying I can go to ******* or anywhere else I want now. I have paid ***** an additional 750.00 and was told I still own my Crown Point resort. I emailed her yesterday right after she emailed me and I got no response when I asked if i still owned Crown Point timeshare.

Final Business Response
***************, I am the developer at Crown Point. I will confirm that your ownership at Crown Point in unit **** remains intact and she has been enrolled into RCI and her new Membership # is *********. If she would like help booking a vacation on her new membership, I would be more than happy to help. Thank you,


06/04/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Failure to refund deposit when contract stated all payments would be returned if cancelled in the allotted time.
Failure to follow cancellation notice as promised. Didn't refund as stated. My husband and I attended a time share presentation on 9/10/13 and ended up purchasing a time share for a unit in ************************. We ended up purchasing a time share for a total of $6337. We were required to pay $637 down so we paid $237 cash while in the office that day and agreed for the remaining $400 to be withdrawn from our account on 10/30/13. At that time we also received and all signed a copy of the 5 day cancellation policy. It stated we had 5 days to cancel the purchase. So later that night we reviewed our financial situation and decided it wasn't a good idea to purchase the time share at this time, so we returned to the office the following day to cancel the transaction on 9/11/13. When I asked if we would get the $237 we paid down I was told no that it would go towards closing costs and fees. Was also told by ***, *************, that they may have to withdraw the $400 still that was scheduled for 10/30/13. I said absolutely not, if anything I will just cancel that account so they cant take the money out. He came back in and said he got the withdraw cancelled but that we was still out the $237 already we left. I didn't think anything about it at the time but the next day, 9/12/13, we returned yet again because I remembered the cancellation notice said differently then what we were told...It states word for word (and I can provide a copy) "I understand that if I sign a contract for the purchase of a timeshare interval, I have the right to cancel the contract within 5 days after signing contract. I understand that cancellation is without penalty and all payments made by me before cancellation should be refunded..." It stated nothing about anything being NONREFUNDABLE. So when I questioned it again, **** (*******) gave me a copy of the original purchase agreement from the 1st day and highlighted a spot that listed $400 for closing costs and some small print at the bottom that stated "documentation fee stated above is a one time processing fee associated with the PURCHASE of the membership. $350 of this is non refundable" However, we did not PURCHASE the agreement because we cancelled within the allotted 5 day period. We were told by **** that that $237 will go to cover the closing costs and we should be lucky that they weren't requiring that we pay the full $400... but there are no closing costs since we didn't purchase the timeshare. Plus the cancellation notice says nothing about anything nonrefundable, it states that you can cancel without penalty and all payments made will be refunded. This is very contradicting and poor customer service on their part, we returned to the office on 2 different occasions regarding this issue and still got the run around! We would like the $237 refunded as their notice states!

Desired Settlement
Would like the $237 we paid refunded as promised.

Business Response
This sale was handled by another entity in **********. It is called ***********************. but it is not managed, owned, or controlled by ***********************************. This entity has it's own shareholders, accounts, managers, and employees, which are completely separate and distinct. They even own and operate their own properties. Plus this company is incorporated under another states laws. This company has it's own cancellation policies which conform to the laws of the state of ********.
Therefore We at Crown Point Resort in Arkansas, have no authority to direct them to refund the deposit which they deemed non-refundable. The $350 non-refundable cancellation statement is stated in several of the documents signed by the complainant. Plus since no monies were paid to **********************. of ***********************, how can we be held responsible for the policies of another company whom are within their legal rights in the state which they do business?

12/08/2014Problems with Product / Service
10/14/2014Problems with Product / Service
06/06/2013Problems with Product / Service
08/19/2014Advertising / Sales Issues
09/07/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Have had issues with company since the beginning. They assessed a bill for boiler repair. I requested documentation on where they have that right.
They assessed a bill for boiler repair. I requested documentation on where they have that right as I don't see it in my agreement. Company has never contacted me on issues I had from the beginning even after promised by *** that the owner of the company would call me. The have now put the assessment in collections. Bully practices by a company with low or no integrity.

Desired Settlement
Cancel my contract and return my money minus the charge for the one week I stayed there and remove the collection action keeping my exceptional credit intact.

Business Response
Who does ******** believe pays for upgrades and repairs on the resort. The resort is owned by thousands of individuals like ********. The owners share in all of the upkeep and expenses of the resort. Nobody profits from the upkeep or costs of the maintenance for the condos and amenities at the resort.

******** has never spoken to *********** about the developers rights to assess or charge fees for the upkeep and maintenance of a property in which he is an owner. ******** is responsible to pay his proportionate share of the expenses to maintain the resort. His good credit will not remain in tact if he doesn't get his payment in.

02/06/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Crown Point did not follow through on their part of our contract. Now we are in arrears on our maintainence fee to ********* which we shouldn't own.
While on vacation at the Crown Point Resort, we went to a sales meeting about purchasing RCI points.Duing the meeting with ****, it was stated that we could trade in our ********* points which we liked. We went through with the paperwork, and I asked her specifically if she needed anything else from us. She said she had everthing she needed to complete the trade in and that we would be in the system within 2 months. This was the end of March. We also took out a credit card with RCI to help pay the maintainence fee each year. We heard nothing from them, and **** had also given us a free week to use "however you want whereever you want". Well I called to use it in June and they told me I wasn't in the system yet, so I asked what was the deal. The man at Crown Point Resort than told me that I could only use that week at Crown Point Resort. I left that drop at the time because we were busy with other projects. I had a year to use it so I wasn't to worried. We didn't hear anything from them and then in September we got a bill from ********* for the yearly maintainence fee. We should have been getting back a refund, because we weren't supposed to own ********* anymore as we had traded it in for RCI. I called down there and talked to ******************************************************* and the one who signed the contract. He said he would talk to **** and find out what had happened and get back to me. We didn't hear from him within two weeks so I called again and got his voice mail. This happened twice more, so I let him a message that if he did not call me back and talk to me, I would be starting legal action against him. I waited two days and filed a complaint with the Arkansas Attorney General office. He finally called me back, and he said **** said we never sent back the paperwork she needed to finish the transaction with *********. I told him, we didn't have any paperwork to make out and told him she had told me she had all the information she needed and would be taking care of it. So now I sent in everything via fax, and mail. I wanted to make sure that they couldn't say they didn't get it. It was signed for at Crown Point Resort. I just got off the phone with the Attorney Generals office, and they are waiting for ** to get back to them. My contact at the AT's office is sending out another letter, but says they can't force ** to answer them and I may have to take them to court. Meanwhile I have a bill with ********* for over $750.00 and another one coming due from RCI. I told ** that he is rresponsible for the ********* maintainence as they made the mess not us. This is goint to affect my credit rating if it is not taken care of soon.

Desired Settlement
I had originally filed a request for them to fix what they messed up and get everything straightened and ********* traded and paid off. After all this time, I want a full refund, and the maintainence fees both paid. I feel we waited long enough to this to be resolved, but ** seems to think that because live in ********* and he is in ********, we can't bother him anyway. I work in retail, and I know how customer service is supposed to work, and if I have a customer who asks for a response from me , it is taken care of in the same day or I let them know I am working on it. I would have thought that someone would have checked to see why it was taking so long for us to get in the system and if they needed some paperwork and didn't get it they should have followed up and all this would have been avoided so I want all my money back and ********* to be paid what is due them.

05/12/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

They will not work with us to resell our timeshare.
We purchased a time share and shortly after my husband lost his job. We tried to contact them and no one would return our call. When we finally did make contact they refused to help us. We went on line and tried to sell it, lost money and we still have it. Now we are receiving past due notices from them and threats to take legal action. We just want to get rid of it!

Desired Settlement
Relieve us from the obligation. Take it back and sell it to someone else. We do not want it.

Business Response
If *********** would like to rid himself of his ownership we can send him a quit claim deed and he can be done with it. At this time the Crown Point Resort does not assist our owners in selling their timeshare. If *********** would contact ************* at (***)******************. He would be able assist him with this process.

09/23/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

This is a typical bait and switch tatic. We think we are meeting with Timeshare Relief Consultants. Instead they are not there but Crown Point is.
Approach by telephone by Timeshare Relief Consultants to meet about what I thought was how to get out from under the expense of owning several timeshare. They lure you to the Red Lobster for dinner and on July 18, 2013 I went to meet with Timeshare Relief to see what the deal was. Instead, I was put in a booth and waited for 30 minutes until a salesmen named **** ****** came over to make his presentation. Timeshare Relief was not even there. Instead, Kent presented a plan to combine all owned timeshare under one umbrella called Crown Point. Which by the way is located in Branson, MO. He threw a lot of number at me and said my output of money would be drastically reduced from about $20,000 a year to only $225.00 a year. Which to me meant that the loan I had with Worldmark would be gone and the amount I still owed Highlands another timeshare would be gone. It would only cost me $16405.00 by the way, I though that would pay off my current loans and all of my point total with all timeshares would be under one resort, Crown Point. I am trying to stay retired and need to redue my expenses so who would not want to consolidate. A couple of weeks after closing the deal and paying cash from a personal loan from my bank, I received material in the mail from Timeshare Relief with a bunch of paper asking me to lie about the timeshare I own. Immediately I realized that they were a debt relief company who wants you to boo hoo and lie about why you need to get out from under these properties. I'm not even sure they were asking for additional monies. Crown Point was to work with them and there were papers in the contract to that effect. How can a company from Arkansas swoop into San Diego wine and dine people into thinking they are going to be better off when they a not. My meeting was to be with Timeshare Relief Consultant and who is Crown Point? RCI is also part of this scheme and after this experience my credit is really going into the dumpster because I am dropping out of all ties with all timeshares and going to bite the dust. After consulting many other people to help me out of this situation, I find that everyone is a scam and only take you money with no results. I think the Federal government should take more action to these scams. I am ruined. I have spoken with an attorney and I am another victim of Crown Point and Timeshare Relief Consultants. ******** *******

Desired Settlement
I am seeking a refund of Money paid for this scam. I have been advised that I will never recover my $16,405.00. I am negotiating with Crown Point personally. Every agency even attorneys I have contacted to help say I will not get my money back. That is because they are all scams to promise you, you will get out of your contract for the maintenance dues but never get a refund for your purchase.

Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 8, *********** */
Contact Name and Title: ******* *******
Contact Phone: ************
Contact Email: ***@****.ca
Crown Point Resort has no ties to any timeshare relief companies nor do we have any representatives working in California. We have sold timeshare inventory to several companies in Branson Mo. But any representation that they are us is not true. If there is anything we can do to assist this person please do not hesitate to call us.

06/09/2015Problems with Product / Service
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03/30/2016Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

My husband and I purchased a timeshare from Crown Point Resort on July 23rd 2015. As soon as we got our login to our RCI account we realized we had been lied to about our purchase. Our sales rep **** told us we would receive the following benefits that we can now confirm are all untrue.
1. Our Points would never expire in our RCI account.
2. We would receive 50% off any reservations booked through
3. We would receive 50% off the price listed on the points partner website to use for hotel reservations, flight tickets, and Disney World admission.
4. We could book multiple reservations at the same time on using our points to exchange and only pay one exchange fee.
5. We would have access to all of the big waterparks in the Wisconsin Dells for less than a one week reservation.

I started contacting the resort in November of 2015 regarding these issues. In approximately January of this year I was told I would need to speak with a man named ***. I have called multiple times per week for the last two months with no response from ***. Each time I call they say they will give him the message. We have purchased three other timeshares from other companies. We are used to the deception that can be involved so we asked specific questions multiple times. Never have we been outright lied to like this. My family was scammed and we are at a loss as of what to do.
Product_Or_Service: Timeshare
Account_Number: *****

Desired Settlement
We would like our contract terminated. We have not used any of the benefits of this account. All points that were purchased are intact. We would like a refund of $3,895.00 which was the initial purchase price paid on July 23rd 2015. Plus $141.00 that was paid on 8-18-2015 for 2015 Maintenance Fee. For a total of $4036.00

11/09/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

On 6/23/15 I was fraudulently induced to purchase a deeded timeshare by ***********************************. To date I have not yet received a deed.
While on vacation at Crown Point Resort, my fiancee and I met on 6/23/15 with ***********************************. She said, I should have received a package from RCI for a one time offer to convert my current timeshare Weeks to Points at a discounted price. I never received it.

She went on to explain the benefits of being a RCI VIP Platinum Points owner as follows, which I later confirmed as untrue:

-She first told us there were a lot more resorts to choose from. She pointed to 2 directories behind her. She said the thin directory was the one with the Weeks resorts, the one I had, and the thick one was the directory with the Points resorts. (THERE IS ONLY 1 DIRECTORY)

-The Exchange fee would be in the $150's. I told her I paid over $200.00 to exchange my Mayan week for the Crown Point Resort she told us "Mayan pocketed $50.00". (CONFIRMED THE FEE IS $209 BOOKED ONLINE, $219 BY CALL CENTER)

-She would give me 20,000 pts for each of the 2 wks currently deposited with RCI.(CONFIRMED NO AUTHORITY TO DO SO)

-I could roll over unused points yearly, at no cost, and they never expire. (CONFIRMED UNTRUE)

As a Platinum member, when making reservations, she said to book the smallest unit, using the least amount of points then ask right away to upgrade to the larger unit. By doing this, I would be using less points. I questioned this. I had been a Platinum Member before, and would only get an upgrade, if one was available, shortly before the stay, not immediately. She told us "this is how everyone does it. If you need help, you can call me". She said I would get the upgrade confirmation immediately. (CONFIRMED UNTRUE)

-As a Platinum Member I would earn 2 points for every dollar spent on the new RCI credit card that I just opened with her. (CONFIRMED UNTRUE)

Based on this information I signed a contract to buy at the Crown Point Resort to get the point system. That evening I called Mayan Palace RCI to ask about the benefits of Points vs. Weeks. He told me there were more resort fees with points. After reading the full agreement of the RCI Elite Rewards charge card, it only said I would earn one point for every retail dollar spent. I decided to rescind the contract.

I met with **** 6/24/15 to rescind, she said she contacted RCI about the package about 2008 to convert and stated it was delivered and returned to RCI as I was not there to sign for it. (CONFIRMED NO PKG WAS EVER SENT, NO RECORD OF **** CONTACTING RCI ON 6/23/15)

I told her Mayan Palace stated there would be possible addl resort fees as a Points owner and RCI Elite Rewards credit card said I would earn only 1 point, not 2. She said as a Platinum Member that was not true. (CONFIRMED THERE ARE POSS. ADDL RESORT FEES/ONLY 1 POINT EARNED WITH CREDIT CARD)

I asked if there are resorts in Alaska, she said yes. (CONFIRMED THERE ARE NONE)

At that point I decided to keep the contract. I asked how many points to stay at Crown Point for a week, she said 10,000. (I purchased 20,000 points every odd year for a 2 bdr cabin) (CONFIRMED THE AVG # OF POINTS FOR A 2BR PER WK WAS 40,000, DEPENDING ON TIME OF YR. NO WEEKS ARE AVAILABLE AT 10,000 POINTS)

The above was confirmed by **************************************************************************************************.

Called **** on 7/8/15, was unavailable, spoke with **************************************** informing him I want to halt the transaction due to misrepresentations and he stated that I could not.

8/7/15 attempted numerous times to call *****************************...voicemail box was full.

8/9/15 Filed complaint with the AR Atty General's Office, Dept of Consumer Protection.

9/18/15 spoke with ********** from above. Stated after her second email to ********************************* earlier in Sep, *** wrote she hasn't had time to respond due to moving to a new office but will soon.

As of 9/23/15 there has been no response and I have not received a deed.

Desired Settlement
I want to rescind this contract and get a full refund of the purchase price of $5900.00, due to being fraudulently induced to purchase this timeshare by *********************************************************. I have already paid the 2015 maintenance fee of $141.00, and, would like this resolved before the Jan 1st 2016 maintenance fee is due.

It has been over 90 days since I purchased the timeshare at Crown Point Resort and have not received the deed. We were told by ************* it would take 30-90 days. This coupled with the way I was fraudulently induced into the purchase agreement, as detailed in my complaint, is why I am very adamant to rescind the contract and obtain a full refund of the purchase price of $5,900.00. I will never go to Crown Point Resort again.

On 8/9/15 my initial correspondence with the Consumer Protection Division of the Arkansas Attorney General contained the same resolution. On 9/23/15 they were notified that I have not yet received a deed.

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