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Owens Murphy Jaguar Land Rover Volkswagen

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6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues3
Problems with Product / Service3
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints6

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Complaint Resolution Log (6)
10/01/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

This dealership claimed to perform repair service work that upon inspection by another repair service was found to never have been performed.on
On August 6, 2015 I had my 2005 Jaguar S-Type delivered to this dealership to address an engine backfiring issue. Upon inspection, they indicated coolant leaking onto a spark plug causing misfiring. Dealership claims to have replaced freeze plug and clean plugs and coils. Dealership charged $583.36 for this repair work. I charged this fee to my American Express Card. Within an hour of taking the delivery of the car after service, the engine issues presented as even worse than when the car was first taken in.

Another service provider was consulted to evaluate the car. They found that no service work had been performed that would have resolved the backfiring issues.

Desired Settlement
Dealership refused to return calls after issue was reported to them. I request an apology and full refund of charged fees.

Business Response
In response to the claim of NO WORK PERFROMED, we will defend that assertion. ************ brought her vehicle in on August 5 with the complaint that the vehicle was running rough. The technician ran some diagnostic then had to do a partial tear down of the engine to see what might be causing the issue. In order to get to the FREEZE PLUG you must remove the intake. In order for the other shop to see that NO WORK WAS PERFORMED, the other shop would have had to tear down the vehicle again just to get to the FREEZE PLUG. I am not sure how the other shop could confirm what was done or not without performing the tear down.
************ never brought the vehicle back in to us stating that the vehicle was still running rough. We did not replace any of the spark plugs or coil packs, but it is possible that one of these has gone bad SINCE WE JUST CLEANED THEM.
However, ************ never informed us that the vehicle was running rough at all after her service here.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
my daughter pick it up the first time after driving about ten miles, she return it. They gave a rental car to drive. I pick it up the second time I drove less the fifty miles it was driving worst.i have two witnes who was withe me at the time. i take back for the 3 time this time I am told I have two oxygen seniors bad. This is when they stop talking . I ask the question with all that was happens with car was by chance could sound like the car was coming apart could have cause more problem. No was the answered. The third time I pick it up same problem. That is when no would talk with me. I tried for over a week no one would talk with me. I have since had my car fix . This is the reason for my coplant . I do have two Wittness who was with me when I pick my car up when was acting like going stop at
Any minute that after driving less then fifty miles.

02/13/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

***** ****** VW did not disclose wrecked vehicle history on a $45,000 used car that I purchased from them six months ago.
I have purchased 6 vehicles from Owens Murphy over the last 10 years . I have built trusting relationships with many employees within the company. Six months ago, I purchased a 2012 Audi Q7 from them and they did not disclose that the vehicle had been in a serious wreck. They told me a cute story about a foreign exchange student trading it in for a VW beetle for his girlfriend and chose to leave out the part that the car had been in a serious accident 6 months prior, as carfax has stated. They did this knowingly and have admitted so. I have spent the last 4 days trying to get them to remedy this issue and they are hiding behind the fact that they are not required by law to disclose the vehicle history. Be careful purchasing from Owens Murphy. If they did this to a customer who has purchased 6 vehicles from them, what will they do to you?

Desired Settlement
Purchase the vehicle back from me for $40,000. This is the fair market trade in value for the vehicle if it were to have a clean carfax.

Business Response
We did sell the vehicle to Mr. ******** on June 26, 2015. We sold the vehicle for $45000 on June 26th. In February 2015, Mr. ******** called us trying to trade the vehicle and upset that the vehicle had a CARFAX report on it. The vehicle was not a SALVAGED, RE-CONDITIONED, or FLOODED vehicle, but rather was involved in an accident per the CARFAX report. It was not noted as severe but rather just an accident on the CARFAX.
We have offered to trade Mr. ******** out of the vehicle into a new vehicle for $3k differencea 2 year newer vehicle with factory warranty, only 12k miles, plus add trailer tow hitch at the expense of $1000 to us.
Mr. ******** is not taking into consideration that the vehicle has depreciated since his ownershiphe has driven the vehicle for the last 7 months and the mileage has now rolled over 40k miles (an important milestone on a vehicle value). Mr. ******** paid $45k for the vehicle and wants $41k which the market will not justify on that vehicle...Carfax or no Carfax on the vehicle.
If the vehicle would have been a branded or salvaged title we would have disclosed this to the customer. We did not solicit this customer or pressure this customer into buying the vehicle from us. He came to the dealership and made the offer to our pre-owned manager and they came to an agreement.
Our resolution offer was a fair offer. Mr. ******** did not feel that way and wanted us to add another $2000 to the deal thus giving $43k for his vehicle he paid $45 for 6 months prior.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This is not an accurate depiction of the situation.

First, I want to have it known that Owens Murphy has admitted to knowing that the car was wrecked before selling it to me. They chose to not disclose this information because they knew that I would not have purchased the car had I known this. They have never even apologized for doing this to me.

When I was attempting to trade the vehicle at another dealership, I learned, for the first time, that the car had been wrecked. This ended the possibility of that trade, as a wrecked car with a Carfax history has a significantly lower value than a clean vehicle.

I immediately called the sales manager at Owens Murphy to discuss this matter. I asked that Owens Murphy purchase the car back at the Kelley Blue Book trade in value of $41,800. They refused to do so.

Instead, they attempted to up sell me into a newer car and profit from this situation. Let me further explain:

My car has a current Kelley Blue Book trade in value of $41,800

The car that they have offered to trade to me has a Kelly Blue Book trade in value of $40,500 ($1,300 less than my car)

On top of that difference, they want me to pay an additional $3000 to do this trade.

So when I have called them out for being dishonest and misrepresenting the vehicle to me, their solution is to trade me out of the situation at a further penalty of $4,300.

In an effort to get out of this relationship and this vehicle, I have offered that they purchase the vehicle back for $40,000 ($1,800 less than current Kelley Blue Book trade in value) or accept only $1,500 for the trade that they have offered. Both are still more than reasonable solutions.

*** *****, do the right thing. Apologize for misrepresenting this vehicle to me (a long time Owens Murphy customer) and accept either of my two proposed solutions.

02/10/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I put a $1000 deposit on a 02 F150 on 2/4/15 at Murphy Owens VW. To hold it until 2/7/15 when I could travel from ******** and they sold it 2/6/15
I gave ****** at Owens Murphy VW Jaguar a $1000 deposit on a 02 F150 on 2/4/15 to hold the truck until I was able to travel there on 2/7/15. I was informed that management said if I changed my mind or did not show up on Saturday 2/7/15 I would forfeit the $1000. I could not travel to pick it up until 2/7/15 because I am handicapped with a bad back and could not travel that far of a distance with a child so I had to wait until my wife was off to keep my son. On 2/6/15 ****** called and notified me that the truck had been sold on 2/5/15 when he was off. They sold the truck even though they had taken money from my account on 2/4/15. I informed them I wanted the truck not the money and the sales manager said he would not get the truck back because it was gone but they would refund the deposit. Today is 2/8/15 and no money has not been refunded. I want that truck and had paid a down payment on it. I feel I have been taken advantage of by the dealership. They offered me no alternative or compensation just a I'm sorry and that's it.

Desired Settlement
I will only accept the truck I was purchasing or a crew cab truck of greater value and equal or less miles for the trouble I have been put through or a cash settlement of $10400 which was the agreed upon price of the 02 F150 4wd leather interior with 52k miles

Business Response
In response to your complaint:
We did sell the Ford F150 on Thursday evening Feb 5, 2015. We sold the vehicle locally due to the condition of the F150. We refunded your money on Feb 6, 2015. We felt it was in the best interest of all parties for the vehicle to be sold SIGHT SEEN since it was being sold AS IS. The vehicle did have several cosmetic and service issues.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
No I do not accept this response because they put the truck up on a rack. The service technician inspected it and spoke directly to me and said the only thing that was wrong was it need tie rod ends and that was agreed upon that I would receive a $500 discount and have it fixed at a Ford dealer near me. The technician even said it was in good shape especially to be an 2002. Oh how stories change. The excuse I received was a salesperson and a sales manager did not know it had a deposit on it and it was sold. I saw over a dozen pictures of the truck and it was in great shape. THEY CLAIM TO HAVE REFUNDED MY DEPOSIT BUT IT HAS YET TO SHOW UP IN MY BANK ACCOUT. I have spoken with my bank multiple times and there isn't even one pending.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have the paperwork in hand to file a complaint with the state of Arkansas Attorneys Generals Office of Consumer Affairs. I intend to file a complaint based on Owens Murphy accepting a deposit on the vehicle instead of sending a contract. A contract could not be sent and received in the limited time between the time the contract could have been sent and myself arriving on Saturday. Also I was never asked to to sign a contract. I was told that management said $1000 was acceptable to hold the truck three days until I got there. Not only did ****** not ask for a signed contract but neither did management. Instead of a signed contract I was in formed I would lose my deposit if I did not show up to finish paying for it

Final Business Response
I did confirm that we did refund your deposit via the credit card that you gave us on Friday Feb 6, 2015 T 9:12 AM in the morning. I also confirmed via ******** phone he texted you a copy of the receipt at 9:24 am. Thus you may need to check with your credit card company that you provided to us for the funds.
Lastly, I could not find a written contract between you and Owens Murphy.

05/20/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My husband and I own a 2004 **** ***** ***** ****** My husband and I are both military members of the ****** ****** *** ****** We were living in ****** **** *** when this happened, since then we have moved to ******* **** *** ******* While all of this was happening we were in the middle of a move with our three children 7 year old, 6 year old, and 9 months old. In February we noticed our car was making a weird sound and did realize that with it being a **** ***** the cost of repair would be a large amount. But we thought that the best thing to do would be to take it to the **** ***** dealership where we could find the best professional expert mechanics to fix the car. Since they dealt with these cars on a daily basis. The inspection to see what was wrong with the car cost us $350 and we paid for it, they said that the job would cost us $5,000, and all they needed was $2,000.00 down and it would take them 2 weeks to fix it. On March 5th we gave the $2,000 so they could start. We called them three weeks after since we heard nothing from them, and they said that by March 31s the car would be ready. My husband went on the 1st of April to pick it up and was told by the mechanic the car was ready to go, he had driven it and it was perfect. My husband paid the rest of the $5,000.00 and drove away. When my husband drove away he noticed the car making a weird noise and that it wouldn't drive past 30mph so he turned back to the dealer. They said they would check it out and he could pick it up the next day. While all of this was happening my husband had to pay for a hotel to stay in ******** out of his own pocket. Since he was hoping that when he would pick up the car on the 1st he could drive out to ** the same day. The next day he went to pick up the car, drove away, same thing happened. Three times he drove out with it and had to turn back. Until finally they said there was nothing they could do because the car needed a new transmission and that would be an additional $7,000.00. As military members we do not make enough money to just pull out of our pockets like that. At this point my husband was very frustrated because he had lost 4 days, of leave, travel, and having to pay for hotel rooms out of his own pocket. Not to mention that he was on limited time and had to report to his new duty station or would get in trouble. So my husband asked what we could do and they said that they would get a company to transport our vehicle to ** and it would cost us $950 and that in 2 weeks we would have the car here. My husband was so stressed out he said fine, had to rent a car with our own money and drive to *** Here we are a month later and the car is not here. My husband called and kept getting the run around, leaving voice mails and nobody getting back. Apparently everyone over there is always in a meeting. We never got our $5,000 back. We don't have our car with us, it is sitting in their dealership and it doesn't work. We are in our new duty station with three kids and having to pay for cabs and asking for rides. This has been so frustrating. We need help, please if someone could please contact us.
Product_Or_Service: Mechanic Service
Order_Number: LRCSXXXXXX
Account_Number: LRCSXXXXXX

Desired Settlement
Please all we are requesting is for the car to get fixed completely which is why we paid $5,000.00. If not then please just give us our money back.

Business Response
I read the complaint filed by the *******'s. In response,
1. The 2004 ***** ***** with 105,500 miles was towed into our dealership on 2.7.14
2. The ***** ***** would not running at this point
3. Our technicians noticed that in order to get the ***** ***** running the timing chains would need to be replaced on the vehicle. Please keep in mind, we were unable to drive the vehicle at this point. We were just able to tear down the engine components to notice the timing chains were in need of repair.
4. We took a deposit on the job due to the age, mileage, scope&cost of the work that was being performed. I am not 100% when the deposit was taken on the vehicle.
5. Once the timing chains were replaced on the ***** ****** the tech was able to get the vehicle started and was able to take the range rover on a road test. The tech performed an extensive road test on the vehicle loggin 56 miles on it.
6. We contacted the customer and let them know we had replaced the timing chains and the vehicle was running and driving.

7. The Customer informed us the vehicle was not performing properly and had an oil leak under the vehicle. We asked them to bring the vehicle back to us to see what the issue may be on the RR.
8. At this time the tech test drove the vehicle and experienced the same driving conditions the customer had experienced. A transmission replacement was suggested on the vehicle at this time.
9. The customer declined the repairs and asked if he could drive the vehicle to ** area. We suggested that he not drive the vehicle. We agreed to help the customer ship the vehicle via a web service that we use.
10. The customer had a lawyer from the services call us on the vehicle as well. I explained to the lawyer we only performed the work that we were authorized to perform on the vehicle.

I do not see where we are at fault in this case. The customer brought a vehicle into the dealership in poor condition. We diagnosed an issue with the vehicle and test drove the vehicle. Other issues have come up on the RR that are out of our control and we were made unaware of any transmission issues during the original repair notes. If the customer would have informed us that the vehicle had these issues on the initial anaylsis, we would have quoted the work to repair the timing chains and transmission.

If the parts we replaced would have failed, then we would have honored the parts warranty provided on the replaced parts.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
1. I have read the dealer's response ,please be advised that our car was driving before it got to the dealership but was making a really loud noise which was why we were afraid to drive it to the dealership thinking the problem could become something very serious. We chose to have it towed directly from our carport in housing at ****** **** *** ***** ***** *** ***** ****** ************ ** XXXXX to the dealership which we paid for to a private towing company separate from the dealership.
2. We took the car not knowing what was wrong with it, once again we are not mechanics. Which is why the dealership performed their own inspection to see what was wrong with it. They came back to us telling us the job would cost $5,000.
3. We were told that in order for them to start the job they would need a deposit and the rest could be paid once the car was ready.
4. On March 5th we paid $2,000 to get the work started.
5. I was contacted by the dealership when the car was ready. I went and paid the rest of the money. When I picked it up the car was making a weird noise just having had left the dealership, I immediately turned back. They said to give them until the next day to see what was wrong with it. Three times in total I drove out of the dealership, 3 days in a row with the same issue, until I was finally told that the car needed a new transmission and that it would cost us $7,000.00 for a new one. At this point the car wasn't even driving past 30mph now. It was in worst condition than when we had originally taken it.
6. Once again I am not a mechanic which is why I took the car to them and they performed their own inspection before starting to work on it, to inspect what was wrong with it and what needed to be fixed. It makes no sense for them to say that I never told them about the transmission, I didn't even know I know nothing about fixing cars.
7. Stressed and anxious knowing that getting the $5,000 was hard enough to get me being a military member with a grade of E5 with my three kids there was no way I could afford it. Not to mention that I was due to report to my new duty station and was not going to make it on time because of the car. And to top it all off I was paying for a hotel waiting for the car and all of this was coming out of my pocket.
8. I declined a new transmission because I didn't have $7,000.
9. The dealer said they had a company that would cost us $500 to get the car to ** within 2 weeks. That never happened.
10. Already having had started working at my new duty station in ******* **** ** this has been extremely stressful for myself and for my family. I have three kids and no car. I am a firefighter for the ****** ****** *** ***** so half of the time I am not home and my wife is having to pay for cabs to get around with the kids to school, food shopping, and even the doctor's office.
11. We could have taken the car anywhere else but we wanted the job to be done right and with a warranty and who better else than the company that actually makes these cars. We never thought this could happen. How is it that I take my car to "experts" it's not working properly and I pay $5,000 and it comes out in worst conditions than when I originally took it? If when they performed the inspection they would have said the job is going to cost you $12,000.00 than I would have had to figure something else out because there was no way that I could afford that. As I said before getting the $5,000 was hard enough.
12. Stressed and not being able to concentrate properly on my job thinking of this whole dilemma I went to speak to our legal counsel office on base. The attorney I spoke to called the dealership to try and resolve something with them and they were extremely rude with her. She advised we get the car out of there as soon as possible and get in contact with the BBB office in Arkansas.
13. We just paid not $500 to get the car shipped here since the dealership never helped us out with that either, but the cheapest we could find on our own was $950. The car is on its way here not working. We don't have any more money to fix it and we definitely can't afford another car at this point.
14. Please help all we want is our car fixed, we already paid $5,000. If not refund us our money. We understand the car isn't in ******** anymore but there are **** ***** *********** here as well.

09/19/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I was mislead in the condition of the vehicle and was assured that I would not be dissapointed but the vehicle was in very bad condition.
On 9/5/13 I emailed inquirying about a 2001 Audi TT. After several emails and price reductions from ******* the salesperson, I called ****** to make an appointment to see the vehicle. I asked numerous times about the condition of the vehicle and stated that I would be driving about 700 miles or so and that i did not want to waste my time. I was assured by ****** that I was not going to be dissapointed, he even mentioned it in his email. I was a bit hesitant so i asked one last time and was re assured that it was in top notch. After driving 8 hours and seeing the vehicle, it was in such bad shape that I was furious. I told ****** that the car was not in good condition. The Check engine light was on, the inside roof was sagging, the door panel was broken on both sides and the carpeting in the hatchback was torn. I drove from Austin TX to Littlerock Arkansas under the impression that the car was superb, which was not. When ****** took the car for a spin with me, he stated that he had not seen the vehicle, which made me more upset but I kept my composure. After I declined he called me on my cell phone reducing the cost of the car. I spent about $250.00 on gasoline and lodging, not to mention the meals (I normally cook because of my diabete) an expense I incurred because of the misleading information given to me. Under such false pretenses I believe they need to refund the expense that I incurred because of ******* I wrote them an email on 9/9/13, to which I gave them 10 days to reimburse me for at least half of the expense, but because I have not recievd anything I want a full refund of my expense. I have emails from ****** stating the car was in great condition and how I would not be dissapointed. I can also provide receipts of my expenses.
Thank you.

Desired Settlement
I want to be reimbursed for the $250.00 expense that I incurred because of the misrepresentation from ******* even though I kept on inquiring about the condition of the vehicle. Would ****** been honest from the begginning, I would not have taken the trip for 8 hours and waste that money on gasoline, lodging and meals and not to mention my time on the road all day!

Business' Initial Response
I have read the complaint by the consumer. The company does not feel obligated to reimburse the the consumer for their time or due diligence on this event. There was never a transaction between the customer and store. The customer simply made a trip over to look at the Audi TT that we had for sale, thus doing his due diligence. We had the vehicle advertised AS-IS with NO WARRANTY. We had several pictures of the vehicle up on the interent as well.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do understand the term "As-Is with No Warranty" but when the salesperson states the vehicle is in good condition when in fact it is not, that is misleading and false advertising! Even when asked several times and the salesperson, ******* assuring me, the customer that " I will not be dissapointed" that is misleading. Owens Murphy Jaguar Land Rover Volkswagen does not have pictures posted of the inside of the vehicle, nor does it state that it needs repair of any kind. If those pictures would have been available I would not have traveled that far for a vehicle that is nothing but garbage! I was misled (I have emails stating the condition of the car, and i took pictures of the inside of the car that I can submit) I incurred an expense under false pretenses. If the vehicle would have been in great condition, I would have bought the car and not complained about the expense, but because i was assured and re-assured I would not be dissapointed, I took the salesperson lies to lure me into buying a trashy automobile. I was lied and misled and that is a form of False advertisement!

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