Report of telephone scam using name of Texas Attorney General's Office, loan applications...

Be very wary when seeking a loan over the internet.
June 02, 2014

APD White Collar Crimes investigators would like to remind everyone to be very wary when seeking a loan over the internet.  Research the loan company through the Better Business Bureau and check the company’s telephone number with an internet search to help decide if it is a company that you trust before providing any personal information, even a telephone number.  In early May, a local resident inquired about a loan through several internet listed companies.  That day, she received over three dozen telephone calls in response.  One call turned out to a variation of a common telephone fraud, the “pay or go to jail” type of scheme.  The caller told the victim that he worked for the “assurance department.”  He then asked her for her attorney’s name.  When the victim told him that she did not have one, he told her that she was the subject of a fraud investigation and that she would need to provide $1000 to avoid being arrested.  They had her purchase Green Dot money cards and provide them with the numbers, thereby stealing $1000 from her.  They then called her and pretended to be with the sheriff’s office, now insisting on even more money to avoid being arrested.  The woman realized she was being scammed, and notified the police.  An APD investigator called the number that the criminal had called from.  The person that answered told the detective that he was a representative of the “Texas Attorney General’s Office,” but declined to provide a name or more information.  The detective then called the actual Texas Attorney General’s Office, and confirmed that they had other reports of this.  The AG’s office requested that anyone contacted by someone using the name of that office in a fraud or attempt make a report at , under the Consumer Protection link there.  The AG’s office would like to remind victims to include in the report if they have applied for loans through on line sources.   

No law enforcement agency collects fines or fees in this manner.  If you are contacted by anyone that uses a name of a law enforcement agency and attempts to have you buy money cards or provide financial information, hang up.  If you have actually lost money in this fraud, call the Amarillo Police Department or make a report on line at .   If you did not actually lose money, no local report is needed. 


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