Dispute Handling and Resolution


When people think about trust, they think about BBB.    

There is a good reason consumers, businesses and regulators respect BBB. BBB has earned the trust of the marketplace by working cooperatively with all parties to reinforce good business practices and assist people in finding solutions.

BBB has been helping resolve disputes for more than 101 years, and whether it is a small local firm or large national corporation, BBB is here to share its expertise and experience. BBB is a recognized leader in the design, development and implementation of dispute resolution programs.  

The large network of BBBs permits the delivery of service at convenient locations, whether programs are national, regional or local. Acknowledged experts in dispute resolution direct the development and delivery of programs and employ cutting edge technology to manage programs and services.  

A panel of 1,700 professional arbitrators—predominantly attorneys—partners with the BBB system to provide arbitration hearings that are local and consistent with overall program mandates.  

When you start with trust and build programs using expertise, the dispute resolution programs do more than complement customer relations initiatives: they raise standards and showcase best practices.

BBB offers programs developed for specific industries:

BBB helps resolve individual disputes and serves as a model of effective dispute resolution programs. Creative applications benefit other marketplace issues showing that self regulation is the best approach to maintaining trust between the public and businesses. Programs have been developed to demonstrate commitments to specific advertising standards and compliance with the management of data and information.   

To explore opportunities for your company or industry, contact dr@council.bbb.org.