Operation Nabs Illegal Moving Companies

BBB Teams Up with Oregon Department of Transportation
August 26, 2014

Illegal movers operating without licenses, unsafe vehicles and improper certification continue to cause problems for consumers across the state. Today, Better Business Bureau teamed up with Oregon Department of Transportation to confront some of the major offenders in the industry.

This morning five movers were invited to a home in Hillsboro where Washington County Sheriffs Deputies and ODOT Motor Carrier staff checked to make sure they were operating legally. The companies and their offenses are listed below. None are certified with the state.

ODOT operations such as this one have taken place throughout the state including in Eugene, Fairview, Bend, Medford and Ashland. They have resulted in multiple citations and even arrests for outstanding warrants and parole violations.

Video of today’s operation is available online at BBB’s YouTube channel.

Together with ODOT, BBB encourages consumers to check closely before hiring a mover.

  • Check for certification. Intrastate movers must apply for certification through ODOT’s Motor Carrier Transportation Division. The process requires movers to go through criminal background checks and they must charge rates approved by ODOT.
  • Hire movers with vehicles in good working condition. Both the vehicle and driver must be properly registered with the state. They also have to meet minimum insurance requirements.
  • Read reviews and gather information. Illegal movers often have no storefront, provide little information and offer no recourse for settling disputes. Some have been known to demand extra money—sometimes thousands of dollars—before delivering personal property. In some cases they do not deliver the belongings at all.
  • Know your rights. For interstate movers—across state lines—companies must provide two booklets detailing customer rights.

The best way consumers can protect themselves is to hire a registered moving company. To find a list, visit ODOT’s Consumer Guide to Moving, or search BBB.org for accredited movers. Victims of illegal movers can also file a complaint with the Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Division.

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