BBB Through the Years

In 2012, Better Business Bureau celebrated its 100th anniversary. Over the last century, BBB has become an internationally-recognized champion for trust and the torch seal has become synonymous with ethical business practices.

BBB has grown quite a bit since its humble beginnings in 1912, but the core mission remains the same—helping consumers find trustworthy businesses.

BBB is extremely proud of its impressive history, but 100 years is just the beginning and there are exciting plans in the future. From new programs and services to new partnerships and technology, BBB will continue working to identify the most pressing marketplace issues and find unique and innovative manners to address them. The goal is a flourishing and transparent marketplace where businesses and consumers trust each other.


1912  The very first Better Business Bureau is established in in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
1918  Better Business Bureau of Tacoma is founded.
1926  Better Business Bureau of Oregon is founded.
1950  Better Business Bureau of Seattle is founded.
1983  Better Business Bureau of Alaska is founded.
1996  BBB of Tacoma merges with BBB of Seattle to form Better Business Bureau of Western Washington.
1997  BBB of Western Washington merges with BBB of Oregon to become Better Business Bureau serving Oregon and Western Washington.
2005  BBB serving Oregon and Western Washington merges with BBB serving Alaska to become Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington. 


Your local Better Business Bureau is one of 112 BBBs located throughout the United States and Canada, and the largest BBB by geographical service area. BBB is a member of the Council of Better Business Bureaus located in Arlington, Virginia.

Better Business Bureau is a private, not-for-profit organization that aids consumers and businesses by supplying free public reporting services to the communities it serves. BBB provides dispute resolution services and consumer education materials to the public, and promotes honest advertising and selling practices as well as self-regulation within the business community. BBB also informs the public about scams and fraudulent business behavior.