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BBB wants you to get the most from your accreditation! Sponsoring BBB programs and events is a unique way to market your business while strengthening your alliance with BBB's mission and generating goodwill in the community. For information regarding partnership packages and benefits, please contact us.

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BBB Secure Your ID Day events are free document shredding events! BBB also provides information on identity theft prevention. The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding personal information and keeping sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. Events are held at least twice per year.
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Each year, community business leaders join BBB to celebrate excellence in the marketplace. For-profit companies in Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington are honored for exceptional customer service, community involvement and innovative business practices. The Business of the Year honorees are companies that are leaders in all of the preceding categories. Sponsors are regarded as companies that share BBB's values, including integrity, ethics, quality customer service, community involvement and innovation.

Scam Jams are dedicated to educating and informing consumers to better protect themselves from common scams. The target audience is typically baby boomers and seniors. Maximize your audience by partnering with a retirement community or civic group. Scam Jam is supported by a coordinated marketing campaign including radio, print and Internet.

Past events have included keynote presentations by Connie Thompson, host of Problem Solvers on KOMO TV, educational seminars and dozens of exhibitor booths offering free consumer information. Sponsors of this program demonstrate to the public their commitment to educating the community, particularly senior citizens.