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Saving Grace meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability.


The mission of Saving Grace is to provide comprehensive domestic violence and sexual assault services and to promote the value of living life free from violence.

Business incorporated: 10/05/1977 in OR

Also Known As: Central Oregon Battering & Rape Alliance


Hotline - Saving Grace provides a 24-hour, crisis telephone line accessible by a local or toll-free number. Hotline advocates provide safety planning, crisis intervention, emotional support and information, and referrals for callers. Advocates also provide other forms of emergency assistance, such as shelter, food, and transportation. Emergency Shelter - Saving Grace provides an emergency shelter in Bend, Oregon which is available for women and their dependent children who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. The shelter program provides food and personal supplies, emotional support, and advocacy. When our shelter is full, or it is not feasible to place someone in the shelter due to the time of night or location of the client etc, we rely on local motels for short term stays. While the shelter is located in Bend, it serves all 3 Central Oregon counties. Lethality Assessment Program - The Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) is a partnership between law enforcement officers in Deschutes County and Saving Grace. Its purpose is to identify high risk domestic violence victims and connect them with services. If a victim screens in at high risk of being seriously injured or killed, a phone call is immediately made to a special Saving Grace hotline specifically for LAP. The victim is encouraged to speak on the phone where hotline workers explain options and offer services. Crisis Counseling and Support Groups - Saving Grace offers individual and group sessions with an advocate or therapist who provides crisis intervention, emotional support, and education information. Bend Counseling Center - The counseling center hosts the space for trauma informed individual and group therapy for survivors. We currently have support groups for women, teens and children. Advocates also meet clients for safety planning, emotional support, accessing community resources, and system advocacy. The center will also provide restraining order assistance when volunteers are available to help clients fill out protective orders. Advocacy Centers for Rural Outreach - Saving Grace maintains offices in Redmond, Crook County (Prineville) and Jefferson County (Madras). Most services mentioned previously are provided in these communities. The facilities for Saving Grace's emergency shelter and supervised visitation center are located in Deschutes County. Saving Grace transports clients to emergency shelter or uses local motels as needed. Children's Program - The children's program focuses on providing advocacy and support for children who have been impacted by domestic violence. An integral part of the program is the state certified daycare at the shelter, where children have a structured, emotionally safe environment under the care of our children's advocate. We also provide individual and group counseling services for children so that they can find a voice for their experience, explore their feelings, and connect with other children who have similar experiences. Supporting moms to reconnect with their children in developmentally matched ways is also a primary goal of our program. Co-Location at Department of Human Services (DHS) - Saving Grace has advocates who spend a portion of their work week within the local DHS offices. This partnership allows us to bridge the gap that often occurs when a referral is made between agencies and gives the domestic/sexual violence victim more direct and quicker access to Saving Grace services. Community Education and Training - Saving Grace conducts numerous public speaking engagements to service organizations, clubs, classrooms, churches, businesses, and the general public regarding domestic violence and sexual assault. Saving Grace offers training for professional groups such as law enforcement, medical staff, and Department of Human Services. A comprehensive training program is provided for volunteers. Legal Advocacy - Advocates provided by Saving Grace can assist clients in obtaining restraining orders and can attend court proceedings with clients to provide support. Advocates are also able to assist clients obtain the proper civil paperwork for such things as divorce and/or custody issues and give basic instruction on how to complete the documents. Advocates provide referrals to the appropriate sources for further information specific questions. Saving Grace does not give legal advice. Supervised Visitation Center (Mary's Place) - The center is located in Bend. We provide supervised visitation or exchanges which can be accomplished in a safe, monitored environment. Clients are referred to the facility by courts, other agencies or by self referral. In order to utilize our services, one parent must reside in Deschutes County, but the other parent may live anywhere. Services are provided on a sliding scale fee and victims are not charged. Hospital Response Team - The Saving Grace Hospital Response Team (HRT) consists of staff and volunteers who respond to St. Charles Medical Center or Deschutes County Health Services for advocacy with sexual assault and domestic violence victims. HRT Advocates provide emotional support, information and referrals to survivors. Youth Violence Prevention Program - The Youth Violence Prevention Program provides education on healthy dating relationships and how to prevent dating violence. Through classroom presentations, preventative groups, presentations with at-risk youth, and community outreach during Teen Dating Violence Awareness month (February), teens are able to develop preventative tools that will help them from entering abusive relationships. It will also give them tools they can use when they see red flags in their friends' relationships and ways to connect to services if they find themselves in abusive situations.

Tax Status

This organization is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.


The following information is based on Saving Grace's Audited Financial Statements for the fiscal year ending Monday, June 30, 2014.

Source of Funds
Government and Foundation Grants $1,117,665.00
Special Events $147,851.00
Less Direct to Donor Expenses ($50,672.00)
Donations $155,205.00
Training Fees and Miscellaneous Income $4,290.00
Investment Income $14,464.00
Total Income: $1,388,803.00
Fusion Chart
Program Expenses: $1,020,027.00
Fundraising Expenses: $142,570.00
Administrative Expenses: $157,320.00
Total Expenses: $1,319,917.00
Expenses in Excess of Income: ($68,886.00)
Beginning Net Assets: $1,017,703.00
Ending Net Assets: $1,086,583.00
Total Liabilities: $111,966.00
Total Assets: $1,198,555.00

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