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Food Lifeline

Meets Standards
(206) 545-6600 1702 NE 150th St, Shoreline WA 98155-7226

Standards for Charity Accountability

  1. 1. Board Oversight
  2. 2. Board Size
  3. 3. Board Meetings
  4. 4. Board Compensation
  5. 5. Conflict of Interest
Measuring Effectiveness
  1. 6. Effectiveness Policy
  2. 7. Effectiveness Report
  1. 8. Program Expenses
  2. 9. Fund Raising Expenses
  3. 10. Accumulating Funds
  4. 11. Audit Report
  5. 12. Detailed Expense Breakdown
  6. 13. Accurate Expense Reporting
  7. 14. Budget Plan
Fund Raising & Info
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  2. 16. Annual Report
  3. 17. Website Disclosures
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  5. 19. Cause Marketing Disclosures
  6. 20. Complaints
  1. Conclusions
  2. Purpose
  3. Programs
  4. Fund Raising
  5. Tax Status
  6. Financial
  7. Affiliates

Food Lifeline meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability.


Business incorporated: 12/24/1979 in WA

Also Known As: Grocery Rescue , Produce for the People , Seattle's Table , Farm to Food Bank , Feeding Hope , Feeding Washington , Feeding Western Washington , Food Frenzy , The Foodbank Network


Food Lifeline approaches hunger as a logistical problem that can be solved. Working with the food industry and its surpluses, they come up with creative solutions to stopping hunger, including redirecting good food from manufacturers, farmers, grocery stores and restaurants that might otherwise go to waste. Food Lifeline provides 88,000 meals a day to local food assistance programs, and that, combined with their policy work, creates a sustainable approach to ending hunger in Western Washington. Grocery Rescue: Making it easy and safe for grocery stores to donate quality, but unsellable, food to the food programs right in their neighborhood. Kids Cafe: Bringing healthy and kid friendly foods to the after school and summer programs where kids live, learn and play. Mobile Food Pantry: Delivering nutritious food directly to people in high-need areas, such as food deserts and rural communities. Target Meals for Minds: Knowing that kids can't learn if they're hungry, we are partnering with Target to put a food bank right in one of Seattle's most in-need schools. Produce for the People: Increasing the amount and variety of fresh fruits & vegetables at local food banks, while simultaneously decreasing the fresh produce entering our region's waste stream. Seattle's Table: The connection between restaurant & caterers' prepared foods and the hot meal programs in their neighborhood.

Tax Status

This organization is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.


The following information is based on Food Lifeline's Audited Financial Statements for the fiscal year ending Monday, June 30, 2014.

Source of Funds
Foundations and Corporations $3,191,496.00
Individuals $2,164,143.00
In-Kind Donations $220,373.00
Grants from Government $1,539,793.00
Agencies Community Events $1,125,417.00
Program Revenue $923,767.00
Investment Income $84,204.00
In-Kind Food Contributions Revenue $63,013,216.00
Hunger Solutions Center Campaign Contributions $8,637,320.00
Total Income: $80,899,729.00
Fusion Chart
Program Expenses: $68,571,628.00
Fundraising Expenses: $1,575,115.00
Administrative Expenses: $1,266,681.00
Total Expenses: $71,413,424.00
Expenses in Excess of Income: ($9,486,305.00)
Beginning Net Assets: $9,926,224.00
Ending Net Assets: $19,412,529.00
Total Liabilities: $469,506.00
Total Assets: $19,882,035.00

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