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Perfectly timed for the back to school frenzy, on August 20th, 2014 Better Business Bureau Serving Southern Nevada received its first complaint against Scholastic School ..
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BBB and the IRS is again warning the public about phone scams that continue to claim victims all across the country. In these scams, thieves make unsolicited phone calls ..
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This lottery scam is up to the same old tricks... with one big exception. They built a website for a fake consumer protection agency and are using BBB's mailing address. Watch out!
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The world is eager for news about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. So eager, in fact, that scammers are taking advantage of our curiosity. Don't fall for click bait teasers promoting exclusi..
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Watch out for fake emails informing you that you are being summoned for a court appearance. The file attached to the fake email is actually malware.
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Everyone loves getting something for nothing. And scammers have been cashing in on that desire for a long time, through phone, email, text message... and now the new social media app Snapchat. Snapchat ..
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Using Caller ID spoofing technology and a look alike website, scammers are posing as Verizon Wireless and conning victims into sharing personal information.
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Just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before it, Pinterest is becoming a new outlet for scammers. Watch out for con artists who access users' accounts and pin spammy products.
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Businesses beware. Scammers in Asia are trying to trick you into paying a premium for your website domain names. Don't fall for these scare tactics.
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When the maker of the popular smartphone app, Flappy Bird, pulled the hit game after just a month, scammers rose up to meet demand. Unfortunately, some copies of the app come with undesirable side affects.
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