Better Business Bureau Warns About Door-to-Door Asphalt Pavers Soliciting Local Homeowners

July 22, 2013

Akron, OH – July 22, 2013 – Better Business Bureau is urging consumers to be aware of a scam involving door-to-door salesmen offering low-cost quotes on asphalt paving. Consumers were approached by a Johnny Young, who operates an asphalt paving business known as Asphalt Construction. A BBB investigation unveiled that the company also does business as JRY Construction, Johnny Asphalt, Johnny Young Asphalt and Construction, William Wells Asphalt Construction Co and Young & Cooper Asphalt.

Senior citizens and a non-profit organization complained that Mr. Young came to their residence and place of business offering to pave their driveways with ‘leftover’ asphalt. He was fast-talking and provided no written cost estimate prior to paving. The consumers’ driveways were paved immediately with no notification of their right to cancel within three business days. Consumers complained that the billed amount was substantially more than expected and is running anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000. Many were surprised that the price was based on square yards and not cubic yards. Consumers have also complained about the poor workmanship of the paving and non-responsiveness by Mr. Young after the initial business transaction.

Mr. Young has been identified as approximately 5’ 10”, husky, dark-haired, middle-aged, and driving a white truck. He has been operating in the Greater Akron and Canton areas. His business address has been tied to rental mailboxes in Kent and Stow, OH. His home address appears to transitorily be in Sunset, Louisiana.

The Better Business Bureau reminds consumers to check out companies before making these offers, to make sure they are reputable and who will perform quality work for a fair price.

To avoid becoming a victim, the BBB offers the following advice:

1. Be leery if a company knocks on your door and claim to have “leftover” asphalt or other materials. Leftover hot-mix asphalt would be too cold to place properly, while cold mix is used exclusively for small patches, not general paving. Asphalt is a perishable product and if it cools too much it is useless as a hot mix paving product.

2. Deals that seem “too good to be true.” If the quoted price seems very low, chances are the quality of the work will be low as well.

3. Cash-only terms. Most reputable contractors take checks, and don’t require cash only terms.

4. “One-time offer” price quotes. Reputable contractors will provide a quote before doing any work so that the homeowner has a chance to shop around.

5. Door-to-door sales. Reputable asphalt contractors do not sell their products door-to-door. Consumers should be very suspicious of anyone appearing at their front doors offering low-cost asphalt.

6. Vehicles with out of state license plates. This type of scam many times will be run by persons traveling through our area from other states.

To find a reputable Asphalt Contractor, contact the Akron BBB at (330) 253-4590, or visit for an online listing of BBB Accredited Businesses.