BBB 'Tech Support Scam' Surfaces

January 26, 2012
BBB serving Ashland, Medina, Portage, Richland, Summit & Wayne Counties is warning of a new “Tech Support Scam” that involves telephone scammers calling consumers, and offering to help them remove any viruses that may have infected their computers as a result of the recent BBB email phishing scam.

The criminals who run Tech Support Scams attempt to trick their victims into infecting their own computers with malware, and other viruses, by directing them over the phone to download fraudulent antivirus software online that actually contain only viruses. Once consumers download this software the scammers will attempt to steal sensitive personal information from their computers.

The new scam appears to be a continuation of the recent BBB email phishing scam, where consumers and businesses nationwide received bogus BBB complaint emails urged them to open virus-infected links.

BBB Tips:
  • BBB will never call businesses or consumers and offer tech support over the phone
  • If your computer was infected by a virus from the BBB email phishing scam use your computers existing antivirus to scan your computer, and if that doesn’t work take your computer to a specialist.
  • If you have any questions involving the BBB tech support scam phone calls, or the BBB email phishing scam contact BBB by calling (330) 253-4590 or visiting