Keeping Kids Safe Online

March 08, 2013

The average child spends 2-7½ hours online every day. That's a good chunk of time. BBB Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) is here to help parents control what gets advertised to their child while they watch television, listen to the radio and surf the Web.

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Keep Kids Safe Online

From homework to games to chatting with friends via social media, the Internet has become the primary way children and teens communicate. Check out the Safety on Screen: Keeping Your Children Safe on the Internet guide. This free online guide explains everything from parental controls and security to cyber-bullying and stalking, and more.

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Problems With What Your Kids Watch?

If you've seen an ad on children's television (programming aimed at children under age 12) or on a child-oriented website (aimed at children under 13) that you think is inappropriate, report it to CARU and we'll look into it. Many advertisers clear their ads with us before they air to be sure they are offering a responsible message, and we watch carefully the ones who don't.

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