Secure Your ID - Shred it!

On Saturday, October 8th, NeoShred and the Better Business Bureau of Akron will host their annual Shred Day, a complimentary service to provide the community an opportunity to shred their sensitive documents. Fifty-six percent of identity theft victims traced the theft to something that was stolen from their own possession. This event is free and available to anyone who chooses to protect themselves from identity theft. All papers and materials will be recycled appropriately.


What to Consider ...


  • Personal documents. Be cautious of what documents contain such information as your Social Security number, birthday, banking information and pin numbers or passwords.

  • Check your credit cards. Any document having to do with current or expired credit cards can be sensitive. Think of receipts, credit offers and applications, bank statements and other similar documents.

  • Be prepared for tax season. Be mindful of documents you may need for tax reasons. Shred Day is for documents and materials that are no longer necessary.


Bring up to 10 boxes of items to be shredded. We’ll even help you carry them in!

895 E. Tallmadge Ave. Akron, OH 44310

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM