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Ohio Basement Systems

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Customer Complaints Summary

13 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 11 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Billing / Collection Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service9
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints13

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (13)BBB Closure Definitions
05/22/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Did not complete job. even after repeated phone calls.
I signed a contract for waterproofing foundation of my house. It was installed on July 22, 2013. However, there were two pieces of stone wolk way that was not put back. The foreman on the job said, they will install after the dirt has settled. During November, company came but could not install because the ground was frozen. I called the company repeatly since April, but they will not get me a date to complete the work. Now, today the company did nto even return my phone call. This is very disappointing.

Desired Settlement
I just want the company to come back and put back the two pieces of stone walk way.

Final Consumer Response
The business came to complete the project to my satisfaction yesterday.
This case should be closed.

04/29/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My husband and I cancelled our contract within 48 hours of signing and we still have yet to recieve a refund.

On March 12, 2014 I had signed a contract and placed a deposit down of $3370.13. After talking it over with my husband and within 48 hours of signing, my husband and I decided not to continue with our contract as we were dissatisfied with the proposal. We contacted our sales representative on March 13,2014 to cancel. He mentioned the check had already been processed and that we should receive a full refund within a week. I was uneasy because we were told we had 72 hour business days to reconsider and then came to learn that our check had already been cashed. The check that was written to Ohio Basement Systems was from our home equity line of credit in which we have now acquired interest charges on since the check was cashed on March 14,2014 as per our monthly statement. On March 24, 2014 I had contacted the sales representative again to see the status of our check. He mentioned that the office only cuts checks on Wednesdays and stated once again I should receive it in a week. It is now the 11th of April and I still have not received a penny. I have since called the main office number and left a message on the machine with no response back.

Desired Settlement
I would like to receive a check in the amount of $3370.13.

Business Response
Our records indicate that check number **** was mailed out to the customer on Wednesday March 19th. The financial institution is stating that it has not been cashed. It is possible that the letter, containing the refund, may have been discarded as junk mail. Our Representative was correct in telling her that we mail out checks on Wednesdays. So when the customer contacted our representative the account already said it was refunded and canceled, so there was no need to take action any further. Until today this is the first that we have heard about this customer's concern. We called this customer immediately upon notification from the BBB and let them know that they should have received a check already. The customer stated that she had been calling the office everyday. After searching our phone records and incoming recorded calls, we have discovered there haven't been any communications with this customer since the third week of March 2014. If we would have been notified earlier, this would never have been an issue. After our communication with the customer's mother, on April 16th 2014, the other check has been canceled and a new check has been issued and the customers parents are coming up to our office to pick it up at our office on the same day. I do ask why the customer is not calling us and is having her mother call? Never the less, we always strive to provide quality customer service in a timely and efficient manner, and have proven such by providing an acceptable solution the moment we were aware of the issue. We wish them the best and do apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.

01/28/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Contract cancelled as of December 1, 2013. Sales representative promised to return refund of $1000.00 and I still have not recieved it.
Contract was cancelled as of December and I was told by the sales representative that I would definately recieve my refund of $1000.00 back because a schedule date was not set and parts were not ordered. After numerous attempts to contact and collect the refund, the representative keeps promising to send a check out week after week, but I still have not recieved my refund.

Desired Settlement
I would like to recieve my refund of $1000.00 back as promised by the sales representative (************). I have always referred Ohio Basement Systems to ppl I know and will continue to do so as long as they honor what they have promised, which is a refund of $1000.00. Once I am financially prepared to do the work, I will use Ohio Basement Systems.

Final Consumer Response
Sales Rep. ************ and General Manager ************** of Ohio Basement Systems quickly resolved my problem and provided a refund to me immediately. Thank you, *****

08/18/2014Problems with Product / Service
11/18/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Ohio Basment Systems needs to refund our deposit for structual work that was determined by a professional enginner to be totaly unneccesary

We contacted Ohio Basement Systems on 9/8/2014 to look at cracks in our basement walls at our Condominium at ********************************. Their representative ************** came out on 9/9/2014, he claimed he was a structual engineer. He looked at the basement, took photos and said we had serious, critical, structual problems. He recommended an elaborate repair involving new interior water drainage systems and structual support involving complete tear out of concrete flooring around the basement interior. Mr ******** lead us to beleive there were soil problems in our area and the basement foundation would continue to get worse, deteriorate, and potentially collapse. The cost was $25,000. We signed the agreement to correct these structual problems and gave a deposit of $6500.
After giving this some thought and speaking to other Condo owners we decided to contact an independent registered profesional structual engineer. ******************, came out and looked at the same issues that Mr ******** looked at. MR ***** stated that our foundation is sound, and that there are no structual issues, the cracks in the walls can be repaired with normal masonry repair practices. Mr ***** further stated that the structual repairs proposed by Ohio Basement Systems is unnecessary and not needed.
Mr ***** submitted a written report to us on
September 30th with his findings and recommeded repairs. We have contacted other masonry firms and found that these repairs can be made at a faction of the cost proposed by Ohio Basement.
Therefore we feel we have been totaly mislead
by Mr ******** and Ohio Basement Systems. We are
not questioning the validity of their product or system but we are questioing their sales practices and expertise.
We are demanding a full refund!

Desired Settlement
$6500 refund

Business Response
We have been trying to contact this customer to talk with them since they called and said they were cancelling the job, way out of the rescission period. They state they had another third party engineer come in and give an opinion on their problem. I do ask though, since this customer trusts this other person so much, why didn't they call him first? Our TEAM of engineers (structural and geotechnical), not just ****, agree that there is more to their home than just a simple "tuck pointing job" will fix. The block and and mortar joints do not move and crack under normal conditions and that this customers house in is the first phase of wall/footing failure. In our business we do not assume that "filling in the cracks" will fix it. This is like putting a band aid on a broken leg. Mr. ***** states that he had other masonry companies out to look at the problem. The problem with that is they are simply masonry companies, that can only do jobs within their capacity and knowledge. We are a structural foundation repair and stabilization company, located all over the country, meaning not only do we repair (tuck pointing) also we stabilize (piering) and can offer a national warranty on the home. Which no other foundation company in the United States can offer. We are undeniably experts in this field and have the professionals and products to prove it. I invite Mr. ***** PE to come and talk to my team of engineers and go over things if needed. All to help, the goal of a satisfied customer with a sound, solid and warrantable fix on this customers home. We are always open to new opinions and ways to further improve our craft. All of this aside, if Mr ***** would have simply called us back after the numerous attempts to call him, this would have been taken care of already. We have, documented, numerous phone calls from our office and from ****'s cell phone, proving that we have been trying to get in contact with the *****s. Yesterday, for example **** called them, and as soon as he said his name they hung up on him. How can you make someone happy if they won't even speak to you? Right now we have a signed contract and thousands of dollars in materials that we bought for this customer, that are going unused. This contract is a legally binding agreement that the *****'s signed with us. To release not only them from the agreement, but our company too and to return the deposit, they need to sign off on it. Which means, they need to call us back or not hang up on us and schedule a time to do such. We've been trying to call them but if they don't call back there is nothing we can do short of stalking them, and we just aren't going to do that!

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We do not accept this response.
The facts are:
On September 9th 2014, when asked, your representative said he was a professional structural engineer. The signature on this representatives report, received on September 16, 2014, he identifies himself as "Field Supervisor", not a professional structural engineer as he previously stated.
Ohio Basement Systems did not send out a team of engineers to analyze our situation, you sent out this individual representative.
This representative stated in his one paragraph report that "this home is in the beginning stages of failure"
The condominium is 17 years old and shows no sign of structural failure as reported by a registered professional structural engineer's four page evaluation dated September 26th 2014.
Your representative verbally stated on September 9th 2014 that the condominium did not need a sump pump, yet included with his report was literature showing a sump pump installation.
These significant inconsistences are what led us to question these proposed solutions by Ohio Basement Systems
We do not need to speak to this representative, being a "Field Supervisor" he informed me on September 23rd that he could not refund our deposit and I needed to speak to your office.
No one from Ohio Basement Systems with the authority to refund our deposit has tried to contact ud

02/10/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

The company has not followed through to complete repairs, and has caused damage to our house. Promises were broken. They lied to us.
Our basement wall was buckling. The company was to install "Power Braces" to straighten the wall and repair a shear in the concrete blocks. When the power braces were installed, care and measuring was not proper and numerous holes were drilled in several floor joists, thereby structurally weakening our home. The brackets on the floor were not installed properly and the nuts and bolts were so badly damaged with a hammer they are no longer able to tighten. After the installation, the crew wanted full payment but did not complete the job which required digging out the foundation on the outside of the house. I was told by **** that "I don't know anything about any digging." I paid $4000.00, withholding $1500.00 until the job was complete. They sent another man to do the digging and guaranteed me that he had found and solved my water in the basement problem. Water still enters my basement. When they called wanting the balance, I refused, recounted the shoddy workmanship and structural damage. **** returned to our home and admitted he was not at all happy with the job done. He promised to return with a crew and supervise the job himself. I told him I was not at all happy with Ohio Basement Systems. He promised me that when he was finished, I would be happy. Then I received a letter from Michael Rusk demanding full payment, stating that they never agreed to straighten the walls. The letter said that power braces only provide stability. The job I agreed to was to completely straighten the walls and repair the shear of the concrete block. I was told by **** at the time of installation that they would be back in 3 months to torque the power braces again. I was told by **** that after he returned with a crew to make repairs to the shoddy workmanship, they would return every 3 months to continue to torque the power braces until the wall was straight. 6 months passed and I heard nothing from this company. Just today, January 8, 2014, ****** called and said he hadn't heard from ME! I was to call and tell them when to come out. How would I know when they should come out. I was told numerous times they would come every 3 months. He claimed he didn't know my schedule and it was up to me to schedule the torquing jobs. That was never our agreement, nor my understanding. After 6 months, the wall has not changed noticeably and I believe this company is not up to the task.

Desired Settlement
I had contacted two companies to straighten this wall. It is obvious we chose the wrong company. I would like Ohio Basement Systems to refund my payment of $4000.00 and remove their hardware from our home. It is evident to me that these power braces are not going to fix my basement wall and that Ohio Basement Systems does not honor their promises.

Business Response
(BBB - Converted from original document. See attached.)

Our contract with Mr. ***** was signed on May 6, 2013. (See A)

The contract was for the installation of 7 Power Braces to stabilize a bowing basement wall. (See B, C)

Mr. ***** also initialed the contract indicating he understood the warranty, including the section
regarding the straightening or lifting of the wall. (See D, E)

The work was completed on June 6, 2013. Mr. ***** paid $4,000 and signed a statement indicating that
he was aware that continued service would be needed to adjust the bracing in an attempt to straighten the wall. He also indicated that he would not pay the balance of $1545 until the corner of the basement wall dried out??? We did not, contract to do any waterproofing there. (See F)

A certified letter was sent to Mr. ***** on July 11, 2013, indicating that we were still awaiting final
payment. The necessity of this letter was due to the fact that Mr. ***** was now indicating that it was his belief that the walls should have been straightened to begin with, and he was refusing to pay the balance on that basis. That is clear by reading the content of the letter we sent to him. (See G and H). Its important to note that we had been out there a second time to adjust a beam per Mr. *****'s request, and that there was obviously communication, that again, necessitated that July 11th letter. Mr. *****'s comments that he had not heard from us in clearly NOT true as can be determined by our documentation. (See I)

We did not hear back from Mr. *****, even though we continued to try to contact him by phone.

On January 8th, ************* was able to reach Mr. ***** in an attempt to continue to address the
problem we described in our July 11th letter. When Mr, ***** indicated he was "less than cordial", it
needs to be understood that means using demeaning language, swearing, yelling and screaming, making
literally impossible to communicate.

This matter has been turn over to our legal department as a result of our inability to continue to communicate. We stand ready and able, as communicated in our paperwork- signed by Mr. ***** in multiple places, including the certified letter back in July, to service this job as per our contract.

It also important to note that the BBB complaint DID NOT come until after Mr. ***** heard from our
legal department that we were pushing for payment on the job!


General Manager
Tomorrow's Home Solutions LLC 8287 Darrow Rd. Twinsburg, Ohio 44087
888-590-3537 (fax) 330-425-1241

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This contract was NOT to stabilize a bowing basement wall. This contract, according to the company representative, ****, was to install 7 braces to MOVE THE WALL TO ITS ORIGINAL LOCATION. This, to me, means the shear at the bottom of the wall would be corrected and the wall would stand straight. **** said, "We will have no problem moving this wall right back to into place as soon as it dries up outside." Never was I told it would take over a year. He said in June, when it dries up, that wall will move right back into place. I received estimates from two different companies. I wanted the wall to be STRAIGHT, not stabilize a bowed wall.

I called **** 2 days after my original deposit and informed him that I had changed my mind. I was going with a different company. The other company agreed to dig out the foundation and straighten the wall completely with jacks. **** returned to inform me that they would dig out the foundation to ensure we fixed the water problem. When the work crew arrived and finished installing the power braces, I was presented with a form to fill out from ************ and almost forced to fill it out. Then ****, the foreman, wanted to collect the balance due. I asked, "What about digging around the foundation?" **** replied, "I don't know anything about any digging." **** admitted later that he had forgotten to add the digging to the contract. The reason I withheld a partial payment was that the job was NOT FINISHED. Another worker arrived that Saturday to do the digging. He only dug around the corner of the foundation. I was under the impression they would dig down to the shear and make sure we got all water seepage stopped. I asked him about it, and he said he did what he was instructed to do. It is obvious that **** told me one thing, and the workers did something else. There was not a complete understanding what was to be performed to complete this job.

I did receive the certified letter mentioned. I took exception to it because, again, it said the contract never indicated the wall would be straightened. I would not pay to have a bowed wall 'stabilized'. My understanding from day one was that the wall would be straight when complete.

Also, after I inspected the original job, the workers drilled several extra holes in the floor joists. I was not happy with that, and informed **** of my discontent. He again returned and agreed that the job performance was shoddy, and that he would return with a crew and supervise the repairs, including adding support to the floor joists the workers had weakened. It has been over 6 months since I heard from ****. I also told him of the letter demanding payment, and asked what I should do about it. He told me to just, "Hold off on that, I'll take care of it."

I admitted up front that I was 'less than cordial' when called by ******. It is an outright lie that I used any type of fowl language. I did NOT swear at anyone, as I don't do that. My wife was present at the time, and will attest to that fact. Ask any member of our family. I do not use that language, no matter how angry or upset I get.

At this point, I am convinced that this company has put profit and money ahead of customer satisfaction, integrity, and company reputation. There is simply no way that this company can remain objective and complete this job as promised to me. The last conversation I had with **** was simple enough. I told him that I was not at all happy with this situation. **** promised me, and he did use the word 'promise' when he said, "When I'm finished, I promise you'll be happy."

I have lost sleep over this situation. I get nauseous just thinking about what a fool I was to believe everything I was told. I dislike being lied to and lied about. I choose not to do business with companies that act this way and put profit above everything else. We are firm in our conviction that this was the wrong way to go to fix our home. We stand firm in demanding a refund of the $4000 and the power braces removed. We will find a company that will straighten the bowed wall as promised.

01/21/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I asked for a summary of materials used on the project because I felt they overestimated the size of our basement and I was refused the request.
We had Basement Systems handle the installation of a waterproofing system in our basement this week. The original estimate stated the size of our basement was 120 square feet. That number was never actually substantiated, it was only an eyeball estimate. Another company that we received a quote from actually measured and indicated that the basement was 100 square feet. I figured this would all come out in our favor in the end because the $ estimate was based on a higher than actual basement size/amount of materials. I was surprised to find out that the end price was as quoted and not lower. When I called today to discuss it with *****, our contact, I asked about a breakdown of the costs because I felt the size of the basement was overestimated. His response? "No, it was right on". I asked how he knew because he never took any measurements and he responded "no, yeah, I was right on. We were within tolerance, the price would have been the same give or take ten feet." I asked how that was possible, since the materials costs would be less and he again said "no, we were right on". I asked if he had paperwork on the amount of materials used and he responded "no". I asked how that could be since they would have to keep some record and he responded that the square footage was "just an idea so they know how much material to have on the truck". I was getting nowhere with him, so I just ended the call. I would like to see the footage of materials used in the project. It does not seem an unreasonable request. I will also point out that there were errors in the installation, some panels are still loose and our utility sink is currently unable to be used as the hose that connected it to the drain has been knocked off as they moved the sink around. Basement Systems claims I will be receiving a call from the foreman on the job soon to set up a time to fix those mistakes, but that has not yet happened. Whether or not the material cost is justified in the end remains to be seen, but their refusal to provide such a breakdown leaves me suspicious that we may have been taken advantage of by a rough estimate without actual measurements.

(BBB additional detail combined from duplicate complaint.)

Disconnected our washer and dryer to do the install, did not reconnect dryer or utility sink.
In order to install the walling system during the waterproofing work, Basement Systems disconnected and moved the dryer, washer and a utility sink. We were advised they would handle the moving of those items by *****, the salesman. The utility sink was not reconnected to the drain and the dryer was not connected to the vent hose. I attempted to reconnect the vent hose yesterday, but the dryer still does not operate properly. The dryer is connected to a wall plug that had to be moved during the installation of the waterproofing panels. Prior to Basement Systems work, the dryer functioned properly, after their work it does not. Ia attempted to resolve this with the foreman and his supervisor yesterday. They both refused to take blame for the dryer not functioning. Both indicated that they were under the impression that the dryer had been reconnected and was functioning. Neither had a suitable response to my question of why the foreman, who is supposed to oversee all work and make sure everything was back in order before leaving the job site, had not done so. They have offered to come out this week to see what they can do to resolve the problem, however, the problem should have never resulted in the first place. Their lack of attention to detail left us in a bind this weekend in terms of doing laundry needed for the week.

Desired Settlement
If it turns out that the materials costs is not justified, I'd like a suitable portion refunded. Ultimately, I just want to initially see the breakdown to ease my mind. If it was justified, obviously I have no grounds to complain, but I just want to know what I paid for.

(BBB additional detail combined from duplicate complaint.)

I want the dryer and utility sink back in working condition, the panels that were improperly installed to be repaired and a refund of some amount for the inconvenience this has all caused. I am also still requesting a summary of materials spent on the project per my other complaint as I feel we were overcharged due to an overestimate on the size of the basement.

Business Response

Mr. ***********: *************************************

I would like to address the issues stated in Mr. ******'s complaint. Starting with the footage issue. When our inspectors go to homes to bid jobs they take into account material scrap/waste vs actual measurements. When **** went to Mr, ******'s home he already had the measurements of the basement, which he downloaded from the county auditor's web site (attached copy). Upon his inspection he discovered that this particular basement has a Michigan ledge, which will cause you to use more Brightwall than a basement without one. So when bidding the job, it is customary in the industry to add a percentage on the job to account for the extra material that will be used and wasted. I have attached a copy of the foreman's actual Job drawing and Material usage sheet for this job, which we use far inventory purposes. **** would not have had a copy of this form to give to the customer. This home used 113 linear feet of waterguard, a Supersump, 4 inspection ports, and 212 linear feet of Brightwall. If we were to bid the job using the actual material footage that was needed the cost of this estimate would have been so high we would not be competitive and therefore would not be in business. **** was indeed accurate with his estimate taking into account of the Michigan ledge and any obstacles the may have been in the way, keeping us competitive with other companies.

The next issues I would like to discuss are the items in the basement that were moved and or disconnected for the installation process and the Brightwall installation. I have attached a signed and Initialed copy or our Job Detail/Disclaimer form and a copy of the original contract. Mr. ****** signed off on and initialed these forms knowing that we were not taking responsibility for any items needing moved. We have this paper just for this reason. We ask customers to make the walls and floor accessible and is responsible for replacement of the items moved (see original contract). We will help move items and do our best to treat customer's items as if they are our own, but accidents happen and old items that have not been used in years can have issues. None of this would have been an issue if the basement was accessible. This job ended on Wednesday, December 4th. On Thursday the 5th we received a call from Mr, ****** regarding his sink and a couple of areas where he wanted the Brightwall tighter, we talked to our foreman and set up an appointment to go back to Mr. ******'s home Friday morning. Our foreman called and left Mr. ****** a message and did not hear back from him until around fpm on Friday and set up a service appointment for Tuesday the let" at 6pm, On Sunday the St" at around 6:30pm I had a conference call with Mr ****** and ****, at that time the dryer was brought up. I tried to schedule **** there sooner but Mr. ******'s schedule would not allow it, so **** kept the date that they set up on Friday the 6th for Tuesday the 10th at 6pm. **** went to the home and addressed and helped Mr. ****** with his issues and concerns, even though it was not our responsibility to move and replace items. It turns out that the breaker was off for the dryer and it works just fine and the sink just needed a new rubber fitting, that we provided, because the old one would not seal it properly anymore due to age. The Brightwall was installed correctly, but needed a few more buttons added because Mr. ****** wanted them tighter. Normally we leave them a little loose, to allow for drainage, but we added them because we want to do what we can to make our customers happy. Please let me know if you need anything from me, I am more than willing to cooperate.

General Manager
Ohio Basement Systems
Dr Energy Saver
Foundation Support Works

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Regardless of the paperwork, **** had advised us that "our guys are some of the strongest guys I've met" and as such, they would handle the moving of the large items such as washer/dryer/hot water tank, etc. We were told that we needed to move the smaller items, which we did. Based on ****'s word, we left the large items to be moved by the company. All items worked fine before that, all items needed repair or alteration afterwards, it's as simple as that. As to the assertion that the breaker was off, that is simply not true. We had flipped the breaker several times without the dryer working.

When the foreman came to make all necessary repairs, he indicated that half of the wall installation was done by himself and the other half by another person. The foreman's half was buttoned up the whole way around. The other half only had buttons in the corners. So, if you "usually leave them loose", one of your men needs to be trained better, don't you think? And since it was your foreman who originally tightened the walls up the whole way around, it would seem your foreman is the one who needs better training. Either that, or you don't normally "leave them loose". Please let me know which.

As to the size of the basement, other companoes that we had in measured the basement and arrived at 100 square feet. I simply can not believe you used that much walling. At 120 square feet, and wrapping the walls twice, it seems you would use 240 feet of Brightwall. 212 feet of wall, wrapped twice, gets us a number much closer 5o the 100 square feet that had been measured.

I am renewing my request for a partial refund.

Final Business Response
Mr ****** is completely correct in saying that **** did tell him we would help move items for him. We help our customers move heavy items, that they are unable to move, all of the time. It is standard in the industry to help as much as possible. We have customers sign off on the disclaimer forms, just in case an accident happens, due to varying age and conditions of customers items. Normally there is never an issue. In this case we did go back out, even though it was signed off on, and addressed the issues with the sink and dryer in efforts to provide quality customer service. The outlet was never taken apart during the initial installation and the only thing it could of been was the breaker, or it was not plugged in properly, Of which Mr ****** said he checked both. Our foreman, after checking the outlet, that he never disassembled and checking to see if it was plugged in properly, said Mr ****** flipped the breaker again and the dryer came on. We are just as puzzled as Mr ****** on the issue was, but it's fixed now and that is the main thing.
To address the installation of the Brightwall. It was in fact, installed correctly. I discussed the installation with the foreman this morning and he said that Mr ****** wanted it tighter and that the half that his technician installed was correct but he made it tighter to ensure that Mr ****** was a satisfied customer. A typical install on Brightwall, on a standard wall is to button the panels on the divider installed edge. Some customers prefer to have more buttons added to the Brightwall and some do not. It is a customer preference issue that is easily addressable. My foreman did address the issue with Mr ****** and install more buttons in the areas he specified, when he went back out at the time we agreed upon with Mr ******.
As far as the footage/pricing. To clear things up, the basement is not 100 "square feet" it is 100 "linear feet". The crew used, as I have already stated, 113 linear feet of our Waterguard and 212 linear feet of our Brightwall, these measurements include material that had to be thrown away because they were cut to accommodate the 4-5 inch Michigan ledge and any obstacles that they may have had to go around. **** already had the measurements of the basement prior to going to the home. I sent a copy of the Auditors website information to the BBB in the last correspondence. When pricing a job, to remain competitive, we have a percentage multiplier that could be added or subtracted to a job cost, so that we can control material and labor cost-vs-actual installed cost that we charge the customer. Mr ******'s home has a Michigan ledge, which will result in the addition of more material/labor being used, because you can not install the Brightwall as you would on a standard flat wall. The 120 linear foot charge, takes into consideration the percentage multiplier, that will adjust the price accordingly to cover the additional material and labor that will be used to install products at homes with abnormal circumstances, without charging full retail installation charges. Hence keeping our price to the customer at a competitive rate and keeping the material/labor costs so that it makes sense to bid and install the job. The main file, which we keep for warranty purposes, has the copy of the auditor's website information, pictures, measurements, notes from the inspector and a material list. All of these things will let the foreman know exactly what he needs to load for job and what he will be up against before even stepping foot inside of the home. Once again the cost of this job would have been much more than charged if we were to charge for actual cost verses using the percentage multiplier to cover additional scrap and labor.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist with. I really do want my customers to be satisfied and we try to do everything within reason to assure that happens.

Consumer Response
The fact of the matter is, what the company presents as having been done "because the customer requested it" is simply not true when it comes to the button system. One half was done correctly according to the company spokesman (four buttons), one was done incorrectly according to the spokesman (the side with six buttons). If it should be loose as he indicated and was done on the one side (4 buttons), then why was one side originally done with 6 before I said anything? Either Basement Systems is just trying to cover itself or its own people don't know the correct procedures. I request a refund of no less than $500 to compensate for the time and effort on my part to resolve this matter.

11/24/2014Problems with Product / Service
08/04/2014Problems with Product / Service
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As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.