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Tranzpro Transmissions and Complete Auto Care

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Customer Complaints Summary

4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service2
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

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Complaint Resolution Log (4)BBB Closure Definitions
01/14/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I called tranzpro transmissions for a quote to rebuild a 700r4 transmission to handle the horsepower and torque of big block chevy in the range of 500+ horsepower and over 450 pounds of torque. They quoted $850 out the door for it. I dropped it off a couple of days later. Two days after dropping it off I received a call from them and was informed the price to rebuild was over $2,400. I of course questioned the absurd change in price and was told I must have spoken to someone who does not do the rebuild or that they did not understand the specifics of the build. I declined the rebuild and went to pick up the 700r4 transmission. When I got there to pick it up ***** was very apologetic about the situation and informed me they had a th400 already built that would work for my application. I looked at it, he said all he needed to do was throw a coat of paint on it and it was ready. It had an output shaft for a fixed yoke, I had questioned on whether it would work because I had a slip yoke on my car. He said it would be no problem it would fit. I went home and called and spoke with a different transmission shop and was informed it could damage my car if I used it. The transmission they were selling was out of a truck and had a different set up. I also searched the internet and read the following "The trans that you have with the bolt on yoke needs to have a slip yoke style output shaft, which will be splined the full length and have an "o" ring fitted to it inside the tailshaft extention. The dually had a two piece drive shaft with the slip being just behind the carrier bearing, therefore the trans yoke was bolted. Furthermore, the yoke will also need to be swapped to work with the slip style output shaft. Don't run the car until this problem is fixed or you will surely ruin more driveline parts. Unfortunately the trans has to come apart for this swap to be made". Ref: called transpro back and declined it.

Desired Settlement
I thought the matter was resolved, I then received a bill several months later from the owner on 12/21/13 stating that I owed them $852.00 for the th400 transmission. They were unprofessional from the very beginning. They are harassing me, I did not order the transmission it was already rebuilt and sitting on a shelf. I want them to cease and desist all further attempts to contact me trying to collect on a product that was inferior and unwanted.

Business Response
This customer's allegation of us ever quoting 700r4 transmission to handle a 500 horse power engine for 850.00 is absurd. We would never quote such a price for this vehicle, even on a carry out basis let alone an installed price as the parts alone my cost would far exceed this price let alone the labor that would be incurred to rebuild his transmission for this application. I personally spoke with this customer and my manager concerning this whole episode and told my manager to offer the customer a Turbo 400 transmission that I had in stock that needed to be updated with a shift correction package and that the customer said upon agreeing to have our transmission rebuilder complete such work that the customer would have to provide his own rebuilt torque converter to handle the torque that his racing application engine would produce and he again agreed that he would do this as well. We also were at no extra charge going to provide a slip yoke that would address his question concerning his own driveshaft. We certainly are sorry if the customer misunderstood anything that was conveyed to him concerning his first allegation but as stated and agreed to by this customer that we have done everything in our power to address the situation. We furthermore will be pursuing a collection agency rot collect due payment from this customer. We will not respond any further to the BBB or this customer in this case.

Thank you,


06/24/2013Billing / Collection Issues
03/11/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I took my car to Tranzpro transmission. The mechanics there named ***** "reset the adaptive shift points on my car" which should not have been done.

On 11/09/2013 I took my Pontiac G6 GT to Tranzpro Transmission and complete auto care. The mechanic "*****" did a transmission fluid and filter change. And he told me that he reset the adaptive shift points for my transmission. He did not ask me if he could, he just did it. I left his shop and started driving home. Within 10-15 minutes, the transmission in my car started slipping really bad from 3rd to 4th gear and it has got a lot worse since then also. I talked to at least 7 Chevy dealers and an array of auto shops and other transmission shops and they all told me that "resetting the adaptive shift points on the car should only be done if I got a brand new transmission or a completely rebuilt transmission". He did it on my car which without doing any major work to the transmission and that made my transmission work improperly from that point forward. Now I have to get a rebuilt transmission put in my car and it is going to cost me $1,417.00. That is not fair to me and I am very very very upset that I got screwed by a transmission shop. I should have never takin my car there aand I would not be having these problems and having to pay all of that money for a new transmission, and I don't have that kind of money. I want at least half of what it is going to cost me to make my transmission right again. I should ask for more, but I want at least $709.00 period. No questions asked. And if they want to own up to hat they did then they can pay me the full $1,417.00. I will NOT accept anything less than the $709.00. Bottom line. I am so mad its unreal. They need to fix the problem that they caused me, and the only way they can do that is to pay me the money that they "owe me" so I can fix the transmission in my car that they messed up. THEY DAMAGED MY CAR BY DOING A IMPROPER CHANGE TO MY TRANSMISSION!!

Desired Settlement
I want a $709.00 settlement for damaging my car.

Business Response

We erased the code on the vehicle (Code P1811, Max adapt long shift)and that is all that was done. We told the customer should the check engine light come back on that the problem would have to be dealt with. The customer came back to the shop about a week later and we serviced the transmission and at this time the customer was told that the transmission would have to be rebuilt to correct this issue. We do not change max adapts on vehicles without first rebuilding the transmission. I am the only one at the shop who has authorization to do this. I am the owner and my name is ***.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They are lying. *** was not even involved in this situation. I dealt with *****, at least that is what he said his name was. He told me directly that he reset the adaptive shift points on my transmission which should not have been done, period. It's easy for them to lie about anything but that's not going to work for me. I now have to get my transmission fixed and I am getting ready to do that in the next few days. I am so angry its hard to even put into words. ***** the mechanic is a liar and he thinks he is a smooth talker, aka a silver tongue. I talked to him and what he told me after he messed up my transmission is that "he admitted that he verbally told me that he reset my adaptive shift points and then he tried to explain to me that he told me that but he didn't do that, he said the he only reset the computer code". He is untruthful and its disgusting. I will advocate against their business. I plain and simply want the monetary settlement that I requested and that's the bottom line. I will not accept anything less. If they will not settle with me through this complaint then I will get my lawyer and sue them. One way or the other this will be rectified and I will be compensated for the damages caused by tranzpro transmission shop.

Final Business Response
Please refer to the customers invoice which clearly states exactly what was done and charged for. The customer we believe has misunderstood erasing codes for resetting shift adapts and we are sorry the customer feels this way. this is the last we will respond and his medy is the courts if he feels so strongly about this matter.


06/07/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Faulty repair to my truck resulted in additional damage and costs and I was still left with a broken truck. Merchant unwilling to provide refund.

On 4/19/2013 I dropped my 2002 Dodge Ram truck off at Tranzpro Transmission for a transmission rebuild. We received a copy of the invoice for the complete rebuild with a total of $2322.64, after we went through their finance company, *******************, the balance was $2591.97. We received a call that the truck was done on 4/26/2013, when I went to pick it up we were told that during the test drive the mechanic knew something wasn't right so it was not done yet but it would be done before the end of the day. We picked it up that evening and on the drive home the transmission started slipping and it felt the same way it did before it was dropped off. I got the truck home, less than 10 miles, and realized that the 4 wheel drive did not work. I thought that Tranzpro just forgot to plug the 4 wheel drive back in so I crawled underneath the truck only to realize that the bolts of the transmission were never removed. Decided to give them another chance to fix it, I called them first thing in the morning and my wife returned the truck on 4/27/2013 where she was told that they (Tranzpro) only replaced one solenoid but they will look into it and make it right. When you rebuild a transmission all of the solenoids need to be replaced, a complete transmission rebuild requires this as well. My wife stopped into Tranzpro on 4/29/2013 and the mechanic took her back into the garage where she was allowed to take a picture of the truck as well as the transmission out of the truck. These pictures did show the transmission was out of the truck however it was still fully assembled. We picked the truck up again on 5/4/2013, and were told that it was 100%. When we pulled out of the parking lot the transmission was still slipping. After driving it less than 10 miles with my family in the vehicle on our way home we lost all gears and barely made it home. After all of this: putting my family in danger, missing work due to not having a vehicle, I still have a broken truck. My wife called and talked to ***, the Manager, she explained the situation and he was willing to return the down payment so that we could go to another mechanic to have the truck finally fixed. *** told ***** that he agreed with her but unfortunately he did not have the authority, he informed us that the owner would call us later. When the Owner, ***, called that evening, he was not willing to give us our money back and told us that he would see me in court. On 5/5/2013 my wife called the financing company and explained the situation, she was told that if the Merchant (Tranzpro) did not perform work as agreed, invoiced, or promised we could stop payment with a written letter, my wife sent this in and we were told that ****** would refund the down payment ($415.88) that we already made. Once the finance company looked into this further they realized that the down payment could not be refunded because Tranzpro closed their account. Under the Ohio Consumer Law we are able to get a second opinion. We took the Truck to ************* We had to pay to have the truck towed to this new shop only to find out that the transmission needed to be completely rebuilt as it was never rebuilt before. When **** took the transmission apart this showed them what was used to try and essentially use a band aide on a major truck repair, Tranzpro used parts that were previously used in other vehicles, original parts that were no longer in usable condition, and parts that were not made for a 2002 Dodge truck were used in the original "repair". This is the reason the truck never ran as it should after a transmission rebuild, it was never rebuilt. **** Auto took pictures of everything and documented the whole process; this information is available if needed. The damages that were caused by Tranzpro resulted in the cost of my transmission repair to almost double; this additional cost is due to having to replace parts that were ruined due to faulty repair.

Desired Settlement
I am asking that Tranzpro provide a full refund in the amount of $415.88 as well as pay the additional costs I endured for my truck to be towed and repaired properly after their faulty work.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ***********************
Contact Phone: ************
Contact Email: *******************
In relation to the repair performed on the 2002 Dodge Ram owned by Mr. *************** dropped off on 4/19/2013 the vehicle was brought to our shop for a complete rebuild as it only had 1st gear, and slipped in all other gears. We removed the transmission from the vehicle and tore it completely apart and replace all internal seals gaskets and clutches, along with rebuilding the one of the solenoids and replacing all others as well as a new torque converter, and shift correction package we can provide receipts for all of these parts and dates to match this vehicle as we did in fact rebuild there transmission and it was warrantied through our shop. The vehicle left the shop, the customer then brought the vehicle back on 4/27/2013 with the another complaint to us of no movement and a slipping condition, also stating that the 4x4 did not work and that we never removed the transmission from the vehicle. we then diagnosed the problem only to find that the rebuilt solenoid must had failed and the vehicle got stuck in fail safe which in this case is third gear, we tried to replace the solenoid with a new one at this time but the damage was already done, the transmission would have to be removed for a second time as it was all under warranty to have third gear repaired. After the owner of our shop spoke to the owner of ********* the shop the customer took there truck to, to have it repaired we found out that during installation of a shift correction kit our transmission builder caused damage to the valve body which in turn burned up third gear, we would have found and corrected this issue if we were given the chance at no charge to customer as it was under warranty. ********** is keeping all parts for us as we are taking this issue up in the Akron Courts as we are still owed for the parts and labor we invested in there vehicle. We are also making a trip to ********* to confirm findings that were found at *********. We spoke personally to ************* at ********* and he stated at no time did his shop make any statements to "***********' that the original transmission was "Never Rebuilt" as described in their complaint. This customer stopped payments to us which are still due to us under Ohio Law and we will be pursuing payment by any means provided the courts of Ohio.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I believe that receipts can be produced by Tranzpro however the parts and products purchased with those receipts were not used in my repair. As I previously stated, the old, incorrect, and damaged parts are available if needed as well as a detailed written report that includes what was needed to completely repair my truck. The Warranty period mentioned never came into effect as the truck was never repaired properly or in operating condition. Under the Ohio Consumer Law we have the legal right to seek a second opinion and stop payment for fraudulent work.

Based on the response from Tranzpro it does not appear they are willing to make this right, this is unfortunate. We hope that this is a onetime case and that no other consumer has to go through what we have endured while working with Tranzpro.

Business' Final Response
As previously stated and addressed to the consumer, We have spoken to the owner of *************** and at no time did he make any accusations that wrong parts were used or that the transmission was not "rebuilt". He stated to me the cause which in his opinion was faulty valve body which was modified, that is part of a shift correction package we installed in the course of the rebuilding procedure. As also stated, the moment the customer left our premises with their vehicle, the "warranty" was in effect. This customer had the responsibility as far as Tranzpro is concerned and was discussed in detail that the customer needed to bring their vehicle back to our facility for warranty consideration at which we would have discovered the problem just as ********* did. We are all human and do from time to time make mistakes and we believe we did but we certainly would have corrected the issue if this customer would have brought the vehicle back to us in the first place. This customer did not pay for their repair by stopping payment on a check they had written and an agreement with a financing company that we used for financing. Also as stated before, Tranzpro Transmissions & Complete Auto Care will be initiating a court hearing to decide he outcome of this case and we wil no longer be responding to this customer through the BBB concerning this matter.

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