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Scam Alerts
Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana is issuing an alert about an online appliance company that alleges to be located in Colorado and is scamming consumers across the U.S., including Louisiana.
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Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana reminds businesses to beware of loan companies that don’t exist. Freechoice Financial claims to be a private online lending firm that helps businesses in this cha..
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As college students begin a new life on campus they are most concerned with finding the right classrooms, making friends and socializing. Protecting themselves from fraud is far from the top of their li..
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Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana is issuing an urgent alert to warn consumers and business owners that the names of a local bank is fraudulently being used in an attempt to steal personal informa..
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Computers are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. We rely on them for everything from news, research and leisure activities such as games to online banking and shopping. As a result, our pers..
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Better Business Bureau strives to create and ethical marketplace in Acadiana where buyers and sellers can trust one another. BBB accomplishes this by creating a community of trustworthy businesses, sett..
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Better Business Bureau of Acadiana is alerting consumers to beware “Click Bait” scams revolving around the Malaysia Airlines tragedy in Ukraine where a passenger liner was shot down with all aboard killed.
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Consumer Financial Freedom, also known as New Beginnings Credit Repair Solutions, claims on its website,, that it will “guarantee a better credit score,” but Better Business Bu..
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Like any property deal, time share purchase and sales are effected by many factors, including location, the state of the economy and “supply and demand.” But these often high-priced time share deals oft..
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Summer is a great time for team sporting activities such as baseball, soccer, swimming, tennis and even bowling. One of the best parts of joining a team is receiving your new uniform to proudly wear as ..
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