Top 10 scams of 2011

January 06, 2012

The Better Business Bureau investigates thousands of scams every year, from the latest gimmicks to schemes as old as the hills. Our new Scam Source ( is a comprehensive resource on scam investigations from BBBs around the country, with tips from BBB, law enforcement and others.

The BBB has divided scams up into nine major categories and picked the top scam in each, plus our “Scam of the Year.”

Top Job Scam

Top Sweepstakes and Lottery Scam

Top Social Media/Online Dating Scam

Top Home Improvement Scam

Top Check Cashing Scam

Top Phishing Scam

Top Identity Theft Scam

Top Financial Scam

Top Sales Scam

Scam of the Year

For more information on these and other scams, go to BBB Scam Source (

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