Free Medicine Scam

December 13, 2010

Local Consumers Receive Information on Free Medicines Scam

A lady from Kaplan recently called and inquired about our Eye on scams business today. A company called Free Medicine Foundation (see BBB report: )…sounds good huh? Well in this case, maybe too good. The company located in Missouri has had 70 complaints in the last 36 months and has failed to respond to 46 of those complaints; 32 of those complaints involve refund or exchange issues and 5 regard advertising issues and has an F rating with the BBB.

The Better Business Bureau has questioned Free Medicine Foundation's use of the words free and foundation in its name. According to the company's website, for a ten-dollar fee per prescription, they will send you an application to apply for free medicine from pharmaceutical companies. In addition, the BBB feels that this company's name has the capacity to mislead potential customers by using the word "foundation" within its name.

According to the Internal Revenue Service this is not a foundation or a charity. The BBB has brought these concerns to this company's attention. Consumers should be advised that the paperwork offered by Free Medicine Foundation for a fee may available for free from other sources. The BBB has learned that this company is also operating under the name Bureau of Prescription Help.

According to the enrollment form all you have to do is send $10.00 per EACH PRESICRIPTION …..One complaint stated that the customer “paid $150 and got nothing”. Bottom-line: don’t believe everything, be a smart consumer and check it first with the Better Business Bureau at .

Dos and Don’ts :

  • Don’t believe everything you read in a brochure or online.
  • Do get background information on the company, including, physical address.
  • Do compare with other companies
  • Do check licensing
  • Do check out the company with the BBB

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