Pay Day Loan Scam

August 30, 2010

Pay Day Loan Scam

Consumers around Acadiana have been receiving information on acquiring Pay day loan. This scam has turned out to be a way to gather consumer’s personal information which in turn becomes identity theft. This information may come through on the internet or by way of phone calls.

According to the F.B.I., identity theft is the fastest growing white-collar crime in the United States. The BBB wants to remind consumers what to do to protect yourself.

*Safeguard your Social Security number.

*Don’t carry your birth certificate, passport or extra credit cards except when necessary.

*Cancel any unused credit cards.

*Review your bills and statements for unauthorized use.

*Don’t leave mail in your mailbox overnight.

* Check out companies with the BBB if they request personal information.

For more information you can contact The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It is the federal clearinghouse for identity theft complaints. Although the FTC does not have the authority to bring criminal cases, it helps victims of identity theft by providing them with information to help resolve the financial and other problems that result from identity theft. The FTC also may refer victims’ complaints to other appropriate government agencies and private organizations for action. Contact the FTC by calling its toll-free hotline at 1-877-IDTHEFT (438-4338), by writing to Identity Theft Clearinghouse, Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 2058 or by accessing its Web site at WWW.FTC.GOV. And as always contact the BBB of Acadiana at or call us at 337.981.3497.