BBB Warns Acadiana Students and Parents of Free Laptop Scam

August 16, 2010

BBB Warns Acadiana Students and Parents of Free Laptop Scam

With school starting very soon in Acadiana, an offer for a free laptop may be very appealing to students and parents of students. A company out of Canada called, advertises heavily on local radio stations offering a free laptop.

Their commercials prompt you to visit their Web site by repeating it several times and some even contain testimonials from people who say they’ve received the free laptop and “couldn’t believe it”. The BBB’s advice is, “don’t believe it”.

According to complaints filed with the BBB in Mid-Western and Central Ontario, Canada, the company has an F rating with the BBB (see BBB report: - at the Web site consumers are asked to complete a survey and sign up to participate in trial offers with their “sponsors”, (Netflix, book clubs, etc.) That is the first red flag – this offer really isn’t free. Consumers have to try products which usually initially cost money and may cost more money in shipping if they receive items they didn’t sign up for.

More importantly, all four complaints recently filed state that the consumer never received their laptop. The company has an F rating with the BBB for not responding to any of the complaints.

It is unknown whether or not’s “sponsors” are truly affiliated with them and if they know about the company’s deceptive marketing tactics.

The BBB advises:

· Don’t assume that because a radio station is reputable, all of the advertisers on that station must be too.

· It is extremely common for “free” offers to be deceptive. Be very wary of big ticket items being offered for free or at deep discounts. This is usually just a ploy to lure you into a scam.

· Always read all of the terms and conditions before agreeing to any offer, especially if your credit card is required.

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