Payday Lending Scam Targets Consumers

August 16, 2013

BBB f rating textMany consumers have been affected by a payday loan scam allegedly conducted by a company called They have an “F” rating with the BBB.

According to BBB files, consumers seeking loans must first provide personal information in order to access this website. Some consumers report that once personal information is provided they are unable to enter the site and are directed to call a customer service representative to move forward with the loan process. BBBs have reported that consumers received threatening collection calls about loans for which they applied but never received. Other consumers report receiving loans for which they have not applied and are unsure how the company obtained their information.

When collecting on loans, the company allegedly identifies itself as an attorney or collection agency. Consumers report extreme threats of lawsuits and jail time in order to collect additional funds. Most consumers report original loan amounts of $200 to $500 and some have been required to repay the loan up to six times the original amount. The most commonly accepted method of repayment is a direct debit from a checking account. BBB has had one report where the company required a MoneyGram in the amount of $190 before the customer would receive the loan.

BBB has been unable to verify the location of The address registered to the website domain is in Australia. A consumer reported the company is located in Pakistan but BBB has not been able to verify that information. One consumer reported other websites associated with Qxlonline. A search shows the following companies with the same information as qxlonline:, and

Consumers can file complaints at